Team Synergy

by Lizzy Dillon

Team Synergy

In the work environment, it is important to have a good group of people that work well together. Having team synergy is what we pride ourselves on here at the magazine. This means that the effect of our group work is greater than that of our individual work. When working in a creative environment, this is especially important, because an idea is something that starts off as a small suggestion and from there is molded into something greater.

When choosing a team, past studies have always pointed to choosing people with the most experience, but through the years this is becoming less and less important. The market is taking a shift and encouraging the hiring of young creatives with new ideas and fresh minds. Hiring someone hot off the presses allows for you to mold them into the person your company needs, and they will be more eager to learn, rather than having a bias from previous routines.

Another important thing is to always be looking for new talent, even if your agency is not in the position to hire. This way, if you stumble upon a big account, you have someone already in mind and interviewed, which will cut the process of hiring in half. Another way to do this is to find students fresh out of college looking for internships, so the training has already started once you land that account. You then have the manpower to begin and a very happy intern.

Happy hiring!

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