New Bridge Laundry Delivers Home Run Dry Cleaning

by Michael Scivoli

We’ve all waited on that ‘after work’ line at the dry cleaners only to be told our garments aren’t ready or worse. Jerry Seinfeld once said, “I think the only reason we go to the dry cleaner is so I can say to the dry cleaner, ‘Well, it’s ruined.’ ” While I feel that’s true of many dry cleaners (particularly the one that ruined my favorite slacks), others endeavor to go beyond that bizarre relationship by providing a more personal and reliable service. For instance, choosing a quality delivery dry cleaning or laundry service is an option for those of us who are ready to try something new. Companies such as New Bridge Laundry, a delivery laundry service that’s recently moved into Jersey City, provide a great alternative to the standard dry cleaning model.

Owner Michael Porada was once a dissatisfied dry cleaning customer himself, until he and his colleagues saw an opportunity to provide a niche service. “I was fed up with not being able to find a reliable dry cleaning and laundry service so we bought the laundromat,” said Porada. New Bridge Laundry currently provides delivery for dry cleaning and laundry services to residents in Hoboken and Jersey. While the service may sound like an expense, delivery is free and each order only requires a $15 minimum. Unlike most dry cleaners, New Bridge has made communication the focal point of their business. For instance, customers can receive calls and/or text notifications about their pending order. What’s more, you can also have a key made for their staff to pickup and drop-off from your place while you’re not home for added convenience, a service that a member of the Digest staff has personally tested out. “Our service enables our clients to use their time wisely,” said Porada. “Whether it’s dropping their clothes off with their doorman or making sure they get that favorite shirt cleaned on time.”

One issue I’ve always noticed with dry cleaners is that some of them tend to cut corners on the actual detergent itself. However Porada explained that New Bridge only uses Tide detergent and Downy softener. As an ECO-friendly laundry service, New Bridge Laundry also uses carbon cleaning in order to cut back on emissions and carcinogenic residue. In addition, if you have a favorite organic detergent you can actually leave it for the New Bridge staff to use specifically on your garments at no extra cost. With 48-hour turnaround on the horizon, New Bridge Laundry plans to expand to both Weehawken and Bayonne in the coming months.
Sign-up for can be done online which generally is followed by a call from Mr. Porada himself. For more information visit: or call: 201-600-5318


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