Large-scale Amenities Meets Boutique Vibes at JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa

by Michael Scivoli
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It’s five o’clock in the morning on an early January day, and Jersey winter has finally reared its frigid head. We’re talking single-digit weather, ice on my windshield, numb fingers—the first actual cold day of the year. Reality sinks in. The Northeasterner in me needs a change of climate, and just a few weeks later—among the bombardment of New Year emails—I found myself pulling up to JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa in the hotel’s complimentary transport for a much-needed break.

I know what you’re thinking. Cancun? I’m 36 and I’m headed to a city that’s awash with tourist traps, American chains, and nightclubs. But where JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa shines apart from the stereotypical Cancun we’ve come to detest is in the property’s design and seclusion—mixing big box hotel amenities with the level of relaxation only a boutique hotel can achieve.

jw marriott cancunJW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa reimagines a Cancun getaway. From the moment you step inside the grand lobby, you’re away from the chaos that befalls big hotels—even though you’re in a 450-room Marriott. Floor-to-ceiling windows let the Caribbean sunshine flood the sleek space, and you’re no longer thinking about that seasonal depression you left back home. JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa gives visitors the opportunity to experience the Yucatan Peninsula in a more peaceful and, dare I say, grown-up way.

Located in the heart of the city’s Hotel Zone, JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa is just a quick 20-minute ride from both the airport and Downtown alike. But from the moment you head out to the hotel’s lengthy pools and beachside day beds reminiscent of Ubud, you’ll forget all about the party and bustle that surrounds the city in favor of a more tranquil and sophisticated afternoon. The hotel boasts soothing colors, luxury finishes, and customer service that elevates the guest’s experience. If you’re an Instagrammer, the pool area is abundant with social media-worthy photo ops, including a giant Boho-style heart you can sit in.

While I’m not a big proponent of hiding in your hotel for an entire trip, especially in a place with so much to explore, the most surprising factor was JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa’s dining capabilities. Typically, for me, eating at the hotel is a last resort, pun intended. Coming from an area like North Jersey, with such a robust dining scene, I naturally gravitate to a city’s most renowned dining hot spots when traveling.

jw marriott cancun all inclusiveJW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa features five vibrant dining options, and to put it plainly, the dinner I had at Gustino Italian Grill rivaled the cuisine I tried at some of Cancun’s best. In fact, the burger I ate poolside on my second day far exceeded the flavor of the one I ordered at one of the city’s renowned restaurants. And as basic as it might sound, I love a good breakfast buffet on vacation, and JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa had that in spades.

As I mentioned, the JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa really scratches that itch for a relaxing boutique feel, but it still has those big box amenities. The property’s massive spa, gym, juice bar, and tennis courts were a welcomed option for an active traveler who isn’t looking for a break from their active, health-centric routines.

The hotel isn’t just an opulent haven; it’s the perfect jumping-off point to explore the soul-stirring mysticism and adventure that Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula emanates.

JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa’s concierge connects guests with tour guides on-site for everything from private yachts and water sports to day trips to verdant cenotes and ancient Mayan ruins that connect you to the region’s rich past. The team’s commitment to the guest experience goes beyond what’s expected, leading to more personalized excursions. Though the ride out to places like the fabled Chichen Itza served as naptime for me, I do believe everyone should experience the fabled Mayan ruins at least once in their lifetime—the two-plus hour drive was well worth it, particularly with a Mayan guide who was able to share tales of the Yucatan’s history throughout the day.

Chichen Itza

Today, we’re all more eco-conscious than ever. What’s refreshing about a larger, luxurious property like JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa is the property’s commitment to sustainability through initiatives like water conservation and efforts to reduce waste. What sets JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa apart from the typical Cancun scene some of us have grown tired of is its distinctive blend of design, seclusion, and overall guest experience. It seamlessly gives the guest the conveniences of a large-scale hotel with the intimacy usually associated with boutique properties. Working to “redefine” the Cancun experience, the JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa just might be one of the top getaways in Mexico.

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