5 Best YouTube Channels for DIY Home Décor

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Taking care of your home is no longer a responsibility – it is a niche, a business, and more than that, it is a status symbol. Your home gets to be a blank canvas and the environment around you become your muse. A small lamp that reminds you of your grandparents, or a pen that was gifted by a teacher, everything around you, every event in your life has an aesthetic and your home is a perfect canvas to let that out.

However, in the world of Instagram where everything should be picture-perfect or grid-worthy, people are using their homes to make a statement. More people are happy to display their homes as if it is an extension of their personality. Minimalistic, monotone, rainbow, modern, traditional, rustic, Italian theme, there are countless inspirations around you.

People who cannot afford an interior designer take inspiration from shows and then design things on their own. This has given rise to a DIY generation. DIY projects are a great way to work around your aesthetic without spending too much. Just like in other walks of life, most people like to draw inspiration from the TV when it comes to home decor inspiration. From reality TV shows where you can take inspiration from celebrity houses to fun shows where you can learn to add a pop of color, TV shows are defiantly a great help. For an enhanced TV experience, you need a Cable TV service that lets you download content, record, and access an on-demand library so you can easily retrieve ideas when needed. For this, we recommend Optimum TV, which offers you all the features you are looking for to enjoy your favorite decor shows. 

Although, TV shows are great for inspiration, for real work, you need assistance from YouTube. YouTube videos will offer you a step-by-step guide so your project turns into a success. An easy way to organize all the YouTube videos you love is to just download, or add them to your playlist, so you can retrieve them later. 

5 Best YouTube Channels for DIY Home Décor

YouTube is filled with self-proclaimed style gurus and interior designer wannabes who are there for a minimalist, modern aesthetic, but they do not know the difference between minimalistic and blank. Moreover, most of the DIYs are either planned or have a different result, which usually impacts the authenticity of their work.

If you want a good YouTube channel that walks you through the process, and experiment with different aesthetics, here are some of the YouTube channels you need to subscribe to. 

1. Mr. Kate 

Subscribers: 3.9 M

Theme: Mr. Kate visits the homes and apartments of different people and offer them renovation services after analyzing their decor style. 

Mr. Kate is a story of a couple in which the woman has all the ideas, and the man does all the heavy lifting. A match made in heaven, they both offer fun and easy decor ideas and present them in a very hilarious way. The cherry on top – both are married and have a kid who might not assist in the process, but you will see how they try to accommodate the concept of family and kids in their projects. As a viewer, you will fall in love with their goofy personalities while learning a lot through their DIY project ideas. 

2. The Sorry Girls

Subscribers: 2.12 M 

Theme: The Sorry Girls check the authenticity of all the decor ideas you see on Pinterest; they also try to recreate statement pieces by big brands for much less. 

Remember the old Pinterest time when we would struggle with simple DIY ideas and give up at the end, well, ‘The Sorry Girls’ checks if the DIY project you are trying to follow is worth your time. The best thing is that they also try to replicate viral DIY projects along with some of the most expensive statement pieces designed by brands. Their channel is heaven for every student living in a dorm, or every adult living on rent. The projects are simple and beginner level and they experiment with all kinds of aesthetic so you can be sure there will be something for you. 

3. DIY Dalia

Subscribers: 504 K 

Theme: DIY Dalia is a dedicated YouTube channel that offers very rustic, boho-themed renter-friendly home decor options within your budget limit.

Minimalistic, neutral themes are very in, however, you need to walk a fine line between boring, full, and modern designs. Empty walls can get tacky when you experiment with disposable things. However, DIY Dalia is an aesthetic heaven for every Boho theme lover. The channels have simple, aesthetic, and very fun DIY that is also renter and budget-friendly. For every kid trying to set foot out of the door and get their apartment, this is a channel that they must explore. 

4. DIY with KB

Subscribers: 309 K

Theme: DIY with KB is a YouTube channel dedicated to modern and simple home decor ideas, with different color themes and palates for very less. 

Most of us look at expensive home decor brands but abandon the idea of buying anything because of a limited budget. DIY with KB is a YouTube channel that will help you replicate the exact decor pieces you have been eying for a long time at an extremely less price. Moreover, Kiva the creator of the channel has a very modern style with a hint of luxury, and she plays around with different color palates. You will not only get to know about modern and authentic statement pieces but ways to make the most out of your limited budget. 

5. Lonefox

Subscribers: 1.6 M

Theme: Lonefox is a decor-based YouTube channel that offers step-by-step guides to simple decor ideas, viral TikTok hacks, and Pinterest projects. 

If you are missing a masculine touch in the decor industry, Lonefox is a channel that will offer you a masculine take on the style. With some of the best Ikea hacks to looking at simple ways that can help with creating modern pieces, this channel will offer you a blueprint that you get to experiment with. The king of thrifting and recycling, he makes sure you get to put your aesthetics on display without boring a hole in your pocket. 

Wrap Up

YouTube algorithm is a bit tricky, it will lead you to a rabbit hole with no safe exit. You can start with some simple tips but the next thing you know, you will watch cat videos. However, these DIY channels are fun ways to draw inspiration without getting lost.

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