6 Must-have Office Items to Keep Employees Productive and Motivated

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It’s impossible to make people motivated to work around the holidays. There’s not much you can do but put pressure on them about the deadlines and clients waiting for things to be done. However, the rest of the year should be normal. Your employees need perfect working conditions and flawless offices.

If your employees are not as motivated as you want them to be, and if you think they are not productive enough, you should make some changes. These changes are easily done if you know how. There are multiple ways to increase their motivation and productivity, but you will need to make some changes around the office.

In this article, we share a few tips on revamping your offices and making things better for your employees. Implementing these changes will surely make your workers happy, and happiness instantly turns into productivity. Follow up to see what you should do to motivate your employees.

1. Espresso machine and a cafeteria

Nearly everyone drinks coffee in the morning, and many will opt for an expensive cup in a cafeteria down the street on their way to work. It is calculated that people spend enormous amounts on their morning coffee, so you might solve this issue by installing a coffee machine in your office.

Select a great brand and an excellent machine. Choose one that will easily serve the entire office. Something like a big and capable Saeco coffee machine that can fix all sorts of coffees for more people at once. This way, your workers will quickly make coffee and be highly productive.

2. Plants and a lot of sunlight

Sunlight is essential for people’s productivity. It is scientifically proven that sunlight has an enormous effect on our well-being, and when it comes to working and getting things done, it can be extremely helpful.

A combination of plants and enough sunlight makes people feel like they are part of a greater ecosystem. They will enjoy the working environment and feel blessed to be there. With this in mind, nothing will be too hard for them.

3. Playroom

A playroom with games and items for socializing can change the atmosphere in the company. You probably know that team-building activities significantly increase overall productivity. When you have a small dose of team-building activities inside the office every day, you can expect great results.

You don’t have to invest enormous amounts. You can opt for darts, billiards, table tennis, foosball table, or something similar. All these things are super-fun for some people, so they’ll enjoy spending an hour daily in physical activities that raise their productivity.

4. A small gym with showers

Did you know that physical activity and boosting your muscles also mean boosting your brain and mental capacities? This is why many companies opt for a small gym inside their premises. They install gyms and showers for their employees to stay fit.

A fit and physically strong person will easily concentrate and do their job. If they work out before or after working hours, they will be in perfect health, which eventually leads to being capable and reliable workers. There’s nothing more valuable to a company than having a team of healthy and capable workers.

5. Ergonomic chairs behind every desk

Too many companies and too many employees fail to get tasks done because they are sitting in chairs that are not comfortable. A desk chair shouldn’t be extremely comfortable like a sofa, because it will relax the employees too much, but a specialized working chair is a must.

Ergonomic office chairs made to perfection are excellent for people that need to finish their duties without feeling pain in their bodies or getting deconcentrated by sitting in uncomfortable chairs. Get every employee one of these and expect them to do everything flawlessly.

6. Essential oil diffuser and humidifier

Not too many companies use this trick, but they should start. An essential oil diffuser providing the right essence makes the atmosphere much different from an office with no specific scent. Choose an essential oil made of bergamot, lemon, eucalyptus, and other oils that raise productivity and see things change in the office.

Additionally, make sure a humidifier backs the diffuser. Dry and unbearable air inside the office will make people want to leave it faster. If the air inside the office is amazing, they’ll want to stay more, work harder, and enjoy their time there.


These six points show you how to raise the productivity and motivation of your employees inside the office. It may seem too hard at the beginning, but in the end, it’s not so difficult if you know the tricks described above. Make your employees happy and satisfied when coming to the office, and see how your business thrives.

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