CBD As a Sleep Aid: Is It Safe and Effective?

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Using CBD for sleep nowadays is gaining popularity among Americans. Because in the US suffering from sleep issues such as insomnia is regarded as a great problem that affects mental and physical health. Among other medications and therapies, CBD greatly benefits in easing sleep issues.

But, like other alternatives, does CBD comes with equal benefits? If yes, how does CBD work with sleep issues? To discover these questions, in this article, we will delve into CBD as a sleep aid and see if it is safe and effective.

What is CBD or Cannabidiol? 

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a compound extracted from cannabis plants, or Cannabis sativa. Cannabidiol is one of the popular cannabinoids, a chemical compound found in cannabis plants. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the other popular cannabinoid known to provide a more psychoactive effect on the brain. CBD contains only a small amount of THC; as a result, it isn’t used for recreational purposes. Rather, it was found that the health benefits of cannabis sativa are tied to its CBD properties.

The health benefits of CBD are enjoyed today, with the compound present in different products and forms. The various delivery forms will be explained in the latter part of the article.

How Does CBD Help with Sleep?

Proper, quality sleep is important to your health. Being well-rested contributes immensely to the energy level for the following day. In addition, having a good night’s sleep has other health benefits, such as contributing to memory formation, protection against sickness, and muscle and tissue growth and repair.

A study has shown that CBD improves sleep and fights against sleep disorders, including insomnia. Melatonin or CBD for sleep helps to improve sleep. However, the research on the effects of CBD on sleep disorders is still in its early stages. Insomnia is a disorder associated with difficulty sleeping or staying asleep. Sleep deprivation affects mood and the ability to concentrate during the day. In addition, people with such sleep disorders often suffer from anxiety due to the inability to get adequate sleep. The anxiety further increases their sleeplessness at night.

CBD works against insomnia by helping people relax and ease their pain and anxiety. This, in turn, makes them fall asleep faster and have a quality night’s rest. In addition, CBD works with the hypothalamus, which performs various sleep-related functions, to regulate stress and improve sleep. Furthermore, CBD is capable of suppressing overactive stress hormones in the body.

Advantages of CBD Over Other Alternatives 

CBD is a new medical invention. Various studies need to be performed in terms of its efficaciousness. Nonetheless, there is current evidence showing the health benefits of CBD, which include minimizing sleep-related issues.

Study shows the effectiveness of CBD compared to Nitrazepam, a medication used for insomnia treatment. This shows that a high dose of CBD can help people sleep as much as other prescription medications would. In addition, behavioral therapy is also recommended for sleep disorder treatment.

The advantage of using CBD for sleep over other alternatives, such as sleeping pills or therapies, is that it focuses on tackling the causes of sleep disorders. This includes anxiety and pain, which CBD helps regulate. In addition, CBD is a plant-based medical option, unlike other sleep aid alternatives. Furthermore, CBD products have relatively low toxicity compared to other sleep-improving alternatives or strategies.

Available Forms of CBD for Sleep

CBD comes in several administration forms. This means CBD for sleeping comes in different forms intending to improve sleep. This gives users different ways to enjoy the health benefits of CBD. The delivery forms include oils, tinctures, gummies, capsules, creams and gels, vapes, etc.


  • Oils and Tinctures

This is a popular form of CBD. In this oil form, CBD can be applied topically or sublingually. With different CBD oils available on the market and uncertainty around their effectiveness and ingredients. So, to enjoy the full benefits of CBD, you need to pick premium quality CBD oil for sleep.

  • Gummies

CBD is also in edible forms, such as gummies. This is one of the more popular forms of CBD, partly due to its taste and ease of use.

  • Sprays

CBD also comes in the form of oral sprays. The sprays are applied under the tongue to enjoy the benefit of sleep improvement.

  • Capsules

A capsule is a common form of medication. In this form, the mode of administration of a CBD product is by swallowing it.

  • Vapes

This option is suitable for people who want a vaping experience but still enjoy the health benefits of CBD. A CBD vape pen heats CBD vape oil and converts it to vapor form.

  • Flowers

CBD flowers are dried and cured flowers of mature cannabis plants. The CBD in the oil is activated when exposed to heat.

  • Creams and gels

This is a topical solution. In this form, CBD products in creams and gels are applied to affected skin to soothe and ease pain, which in turn aids sleep.

Dosages of CBD for Sleep

It was found that a high dosage of CBD may support sleep. However, what constitutes a high dose is subjective, as many factors must be considered. With no official dose that works for everybody, it is important to begin with, a low dose. A recommended dose by some experts is 2 milligrams, making it a great start to having a good night’s rest. As you begin with the low dose, you can increase it subsequently by paying attention to its effects on your body.

Side Effects of CBD

CBD has no significant side effects. However, there is little research on the compound, with studies relating to its side effects still ongoing. Nevertheless, there are still some mild side effects that CBD causes according to a study report.

The mild side effects associated with CBD, such as fatigue and mental sedation, result from high dosage. This can simply be corrected by reducing the dosage. Additional side effects of CBD may include:

  • Drug metabolism inhibition in the liver
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Reduced appetite
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea, etc.


Final Thoughts

CBD for sleep is an increasingly popular strategy today. While CBD remains a new health supplement, numerous studies are showing its benefits, including as a sleep aid. In addition, it helps with sleep by tackling the causes of sleep disorders. Furthermore, CBD for sleeping comes in different forms, which customers can choose. It has advantages over other sleep aid alternative treatments because it is a plant-based medical option with low toxicity. CBD has numerous health benefits and no significant side effects, so it is safe and effective. Hence, it is a great health supplement to have at home. So, do you want some CBD to minimize your sleep issue?

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