How Has Business Travel Changed for the Better?

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Over the last year, the world of travel has changed almost beyond recognition. And this applies especially to the world of business travel. With so many of us being forced to work from home in order to halt the spread of the virus, we’ve gotten used to the idea of staying put when it comes to longer-haul business trips, too. Conferences have been cancelled and replaced by online equivalents. Trade shows are now conducted via Zoom and via Youtube.

So why is all of this a good thing? Let’s run through a few benefits.

Less Noise Pollution

The aggregate volume of hundreds of cars cramming into a busy junction during rush hour is something that we’ve gotten used to over the years. When all of that traffic suddenly vanished, the result was a curious sense of peace. By reducing business travel, we’ll be able to strive for that ideal in the future.

Less Air Pollution

Perhaps worse than the noise is the air pollution that spills from your exhaust every time you pop into the office. Not only does this reduce the air quality in built-up city centres; it will also contribute to climate change. By taking fewer trips, we’re applying the brakes to this effect. While this might not make much of a difference for an individual, the effect can multiply when it’s implemented as a policy across an entire organisation. And if we’re talking about air travel, the effect is much, much greater.

Less Money Spent

Business travel can be an expensive thing. Not only must we spend money on fuel and train fares, we’ll also need to pay a premium for picking up food and other items along the way. If business travellers are using a company credit card, or a specialised app, then it’s easy to track these expenses – and to see just how much money is being blown.

Less Time Wasted

Perhaps just as egregious as the money we spend directly is the time we commit to commuting, and to longer-haul travel. The average commute in the UK is around an hour a day, and this goes up still further if we’re talking about busy urban commuters, like those in London. Eliminating this portion of the day gives us more time for exercise, leisure, and for getting things done, too.

And it isn’t just the commute that we need to worry about – if you need to meet with clients, then a virtual meeting allows you to cram in more face time, without worrying about moving from one place to another.

Quieter Travel

Of course, some business travel can’t be avoided. But with less pressure on public transport, and on the road infrastructure, there’s more room for those that do travel to stretch their legs. This means less stress on an uncrowded train carriage and more peace and quiet in which to prepare for those important meetings.

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