How to Find a Good Family Law Attorney in Irvine, CA

by Staff

Family law involves many issues, including; marriage, divorce, alimony, child custody, child support, adoption, and domestic abuse.  Family law issues can be very complex and challenging, especially as these sensitive issues can play an important part in one’s life. Suppose you are involved in any type of family law conflict. In that case, it is crucial for you to find an experienced family law attorney, as the result of your case could affect your future.  In this article, we provide some helpful hints on how to find a good family law attorney in Irvine, CA.


Education and Experience is Important

A good family law attorney will have an impressive educational background and solid experience.  In particular, they will need experience within the niche specialty of family law.  It would not be smart to hire an attorney who has only worked in another field of law. As such, it is important to find a lawyer who has education, experience, and a specific background in family law cases.  Also, consider whether the attorney is well-rounded; for instance, are they experienced not just in litigation, but mediation and negotiating?


The 3 “R’s” – Results, Reviews, and Reputation

When searching for an attorney, always check their results and success rate. What do their past clients say about them?  Have you heard anything about their reputation in the community? Additionally, consider how long the law firm has been in business.  Whenever you have an initial consultation with a lawyer, specifically ask them how their experiences and past results may help contribute to your case.  Also, ask about their relationship with the local court system and judges.


You Must Feel Comfortable Discussing Your Case With Your Lawyer

In addition to education, experience, and reputation, you must also feel comfortable discussing your case with the lawyer you choose to represent you.  In particular, family law cases deal with many sensitive and personal issues.  As such, the legal professionals at Kaufman Steinberg, LLP advise that it is especially important to feel comfortable to talk freely with your attorney.   Unfortunately, sometimes an attorney does not make themselves available to a client.  Other times, lawyers make a client feel intimidated or dumb.  An attorney should always prioritize your needs and be smart, yet respectful.


If a client feels intimidated or lesser than their attorney, they may not be entirely forthcoming regarding their desires.  This can lead to delays or even poor results.  As such, make sure you feel comfortable with any attorney you hire so you can be open, honest and can work together to reach the best possible solution to your case.

Choosing a Good Family Law Attorney is Important

There are many things to consider when choosing an attorney for your family law issues.  Consider our suggestions when deciding on an attorney in Irvine, California.  With a good family lawyer attorney, you and your loved ones can help secure your future!

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