Rules for Tracking Wholesale Shipments

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Most people encounter individual purchases and deliveries, so they don’t really think about how the preceding purchases happen. But any business needs a variety of products to sell, so they need these products collected or the materials to make those products by themselves. One way or another, it involves a wholesale shipment. Let’s look at how the China Post track works and what are the crucial steps to take.

Why Are Wholesale Batches Different?

When you compare an individual purchase and a wholesale batch, the difference is absurdly obvious – the volumes are drastically dissimilar. This detail is what all the other shipping conditions come from. Wholesale batches are business deals, so they can be a part of a huge contract that brings, for example, additional details for parcel insurance. The quantity and quality of tracking numbers depend on the nature of the items transported, the speed of delivery depends on the characteristics of transportation, etc.

A Step-by-step Guide for Tracking Wholesale Shipments

To follow your batches consistently, keep up with the steps below:

  1. Obtain the tracking number. Make sure you have the tracking number provided by the shipping carrier or the wholesaler.
  2. Check with the wholesaler. If you’re not the shipper, contact the wholesaler or supplier to confirm that the shipment has been sent and to obtain the tracking number.
  3. Choose the tracking platform. Most major carriers have online tracking platforms or you can use independent sites and mobile apps where you enter the tracking number to get real-time updates.
  4. Enter the tracking number in the appropriate field. Some carriers might also require additional information like the destination ZIP code or the recipient’s name.
  5. View tracking details. Once you submit the tracking number, you should see the details for your wholesale shipment (e.g., its current location, recent scans, and estimated delivery date).
  6. Set up notifications. You can receive email or text notifications about the shipment’s progress, but for this, you need to sign up.
  7. Check for exceptions or delays. If you notice any issues, contact the carrier or the wholesaler for assistance.
  8. Monitor customs clearance (for international shipments). If your wholesale shipment is crossing international borders, track its progress through customs clearance. This might require additional tracking through the carrier’s international partner or the local postal service.
  9. Prepare for delivery. As the wholesale shipment gets closer to its destination, make sure someone will be available to receive the shipment.
  10. Verify delivery and quality. Once the shipment is delivered, verify that all the items are present and in the expected condition, especially if you’ve ordered large quantities of products.
  11. Maintain a record of the tracking information, including dates and times of scans. If any disputes arise, this will be your factual documentary support.
  12. Address issues promptly. If you encounter any problems with the wholesale shipment, contact the carrier or the wholesaler’s customer service as soon as possible.

If you understand the algorithm, you can act more comfortably with less rush and stress. Use all the advantages of wholesale tracking with pkge – a platform for universal package tracking with access to over 800 couriers around the world!

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