The Most Popular UK Forex Brokers That You Must Know as a Trader

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If you are beginning your forex trading journey or have the experience to an extent, it is still a refresher to imagine better what the term stands for. So, forex trading regards making a profit based on trading foreign currencies, and the overall situation relies on the various price differences. Forex trading is tricky, stimulating, and treacherous.

You would need more stock market access than an average human, meaning you must count on an online forex broker to guide your trades.

Luckily, there are numerous opportunities; however, the risks arise from attempting to understand the proper forex broker that is genuinely worthy of your efforts and time.

Hence, in this blog, we will present the most well-known UK Forex Brokers to as a trader get familiar with.

The first suggested Forex broker you must know is eToro.

Established in 2007, eToro is among the leading UK forex trading platforms, and the reasons are countless. eToro is a low-risk platform because of its specific Financial Conduct Authority regulations.

eToro is just one of the numerous best UK Forex brokers, but to see the list of UK Forex brokers check here to uncover their unique features and the best-fitting one for you.

eToro is also a fantastic budget-friendly and affordable forex broker because creating retail investor accounts does not call for any finances. You can acquire a free demo account to try out its numerous features.

eToro is among the leading UK forex brokers because it has numerous trading choices you can manage from an intuitive and single portfolio. eToro also has a staple component called Copy Trading.

The second suggested Forex broker you must know is RoboMarkets.

Launched in 2016, RoboMarkets is a Forex broker with various trading currency suggestions, such as Forex, CFN, CFDs, OTC, etc. RoboMarkets is also a money management platform that aids clients in acquiring their financial objectives and personalizing their trading strategies.

RoboMarkets was initiated in 2014 when the TiqIQ forex broker’s creators were introduced to the business the Wintech’s stake. The Securities and Exchange Commission approved the idea implying that both companies could continue with the investment.

The Wintech investment was critical for RoboMarkets’ success since the two companies had familiar business models. They were both established on managing and owning customer service bases.

The Wintech creators chose to market all their company shares in 2014 to private investors, averting them from facing any business operations negligence.

The third suggested Forex broker you must know is IC Markets.

Founded in May 2014, IC Markets is the first and only forex broker established in the US. IC Markets performs from corporate centers in Virginia, Herndon, Zurich, Singapore, and London.

IC Market’s creators have been forex trading and trading stocks for quite some time and allegedly began with the mission of presenting efficient and reliable software options and trading platforms for the financial markets.

IC Markets accomplished the latter by employing the largest forex brokers’ former workers and then operating the businesses independently.

Jason Kershaw, the company’s CEO, is famous for his background in the forex trading industry.

The fourth suggested Forex broker you must know is FXCM.

FXCM was established in 1999, and it suggests numerous international forex currencies. The latter’s disadvantage is that FXCM only recommends 39 currency pairs when the general spreads are below the average market currency.

FXCM suggests high-volume trades, so it is among the leading platforms for traders who often make aggressive moves and big trades.

FXCM is among the finest UK forex brokers. It is well-regulated and suggests numerous trading tools and platforms so that experienced traders and beginners have many options to trade with.

However, FXCM does not take US users because of failing their regional regulatory license.

Aside from that problem, FXCM is a reliable platform for traders dealing with limited currency pairs.

The fifth suggested Forex broker you must know is CityIndex.

CityIndex might be the proper fit for you if you search for competitive spreads in the UK. Established in 2014, it is currently a subordinate company under GAIN Capital.

CityIndex suggests 84 currency pairs with exotic, major, and minor currencies, such as cryptocurrencies.

CityIndex also offers a proprietary platform with unique major spreads. The platform functions amazingly on a desktop and is customizable; however, it could be more user-friendly.

If you are more pleased with the controls, you can utilize the MT4 platform.

The last suggested Forex broker you must know is Plus500.

Plus500 has an impressive Forex CFDs offering, like more than 70 Forex pairs.

Initially founded in 2008, Plus500 is Israel-based, and it is not only a reliable company but has also proven trustworthy because of its regulations.

If you are an experienced trader or a beginner in the UK and are searching for the most well-known UK Forex brokers, this blog was the proper place to come across. We brought up the six most popular Forex brokers in the UK for you to choose from.

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