Tips on How to Combine Horse Riding Lessons & Dissertation Writing

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How to Combine Horse Riding Lessons Dissertation Writing

Higher education requires a higher level of commitment to learning. The majority of students who join college opt to stop most of the activities they were involved in while in high school, like sports.

Sports activities while in college are good, especially because of the health benefits to the student. If you are in sports, you can go high up the sports ladder and become an international champion. Horse riding is one of the sports you can get involved in, even during dissertations. Here are tips to help you.

Be a good time manager

Time management might not be taught in college, but as a student, you can commit yourself to become a good time manager. You can skip a weekend out with your college colleagues and engage yourself in writing your dissertation.

While at home, make firm decisions not to spend four hours on TV and instead go for some lessons on the epidemic and student mental health that will help you stay mentally focused, especially during epidemics like the COVID-19.

You may also want to spend the spare time on your horse riding lessons, which would be very much okay and in order.

Get help with dissertation writing

Managing academics while keenly pursuing a hobby often creates issues in maintaining a perfect balance and can hinder the education progress while you are in college or a university. Thankfully, there are solutions as you can find a methodology for your dissertation or any other academic paper that includes thesis, essays or term papers at very affordable prices.

EduBirdie is a reputed name in providing dissertation assistance to students. A request to one of the professional writers on the platform can help you get your work done quickly. The quality is always of high quality so you need not worry about that as well.

Start a saving culture

You could have an idea of the secret of piggy banks. Most of the current students might have had a piggy bank when they were in the lower grades. The idea behind piggy banks is to teach a saving culture. You can use simple ways of savings like skipping lunch once a week, avoiding snacks, or not attending a cinema show.

You can create your version of a piggy bank or open a savings account with the bank. Sometimes you can carry packed lunch from home. If you learn to save, you can even afford to pay for horse riding lessons or avail of assignment services easily.

Is there a horse riding club in your school? Join

Horse riding clubs are not common in colleges because of the logistics involved in maintaining horses and training them. However, some colleges have well-structured horse clubs with trained riders and sometimes they even get involved in horse riding competitions with other local teams.

If you enroll in your school’s team, you will become committed to the team and find time for your team’s activities. When your team is not meeting, concentrate on your writing and other issues of formal education.

Be open-minded

Being open-minded may demand some effort from you to purposefully resist your goals or plans that prevent you from doing the right thing at the right time. You can purposely resist going to an overnight party for the sake of your essay.

You can practice being open-minded in various like: –

  • Change your current company and form a new one. You may gain the old company later in life after your goal in college is accomplished.
  • Do not distance yourself from people. Depression grows quickly roots in people who are socially separated.
  • Learn to ask questions, even when they sound awkward. The person who seeks answers gains wisdom for living.

Be visionary

A visionary student looks beyond college life into ten or twenty years later. This will help you get organized and plan your issues ahead of time. Being visionary means, you can stand out among a thousand college students and be counted as one among few who know how to manage their time and attend to their assignments without fail. Most of the famous leaders in the past started as a visionary and knew what they wanted.


Every college student has equal opportunity to accomplish as much in the academic world as they can. The basic requirement of education is for the college student to be guided by a vision in their study and have diligence in their essay writing. When the two virtues are combined, they teach the student to be respectful to self, time, and money and spend time improving their mental and physical wellness.

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Michael Turner works as a corporate trainer, helping professionals build stronger careers and enhance their personal branding. He works with students as well as a part-time writing assistant and helps them with their research papers and essays. In his free time, he likes reading business magazines, watches news channels on TV and plays chess or carom board.

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