Website Advertising 101: 7 Staggering Traffic Techniques to Boost Your Business

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Just shy of five billion people hop on the internet regularly. If you’re a business owner, that reality has likely fueled your wanting to build a website so you can take a bite of all the opportunity that’s out there.

As a matter of fact, we’re guessing that since you’re reading this post, you already have a website. What you may not have is traffic.

Therein lies the value of website advertising.

Website advertising is the process of leaning on various marketing channels to boost your website user base and ultimately, sales. If you’re not sure which website advertising tactics you should be leaning on to get started, keep reading. Below, our team shares what’s worth keeping in mind.

Invest in PPC

If you’re already selling products on your website, it may behoove you to invest in PPC (pay-per-click) ads. PPC ads help get targeted traffic onto your site, fast.

The downside to PPC is that it can run you a pretty penny over a long campaign.

Given the costs associated with PPC, you must have a plan in place for how you’ll get money back from the people you’re able to attract via this website advertising technique.

Start a Blog

Most websites have blogs associated with them. Why?

Because every page you add to your website gives you another chance to rank in Google’s top 10 for a particular search term. Whenever you have a page that breaks into the top 10, you’re opening yourself up to tons of free traffic flowing into your site as Google results (as Decibel will attest to) are almost always among the first touch-points consumers have with online experiences.

Blogging doesn’t have to be difficult! Figure out which topics are most important to your consumers and write 500-word posts on those topics.

Try getting one or two posts out per week and, over time, you’ll see your traffic numbers trickle up.

Create YouTube Videos

YouTube receives billions of views every day. A portion of all of those eyeballs could be watching your content if you had any posted.

So, get video savvy (or hire somebody who is video savvy) and start building up a portfolio of content.

Try to have a mixture of evergreen content (content that never goes out of style) and topical content (content that touches on trends) to keep your channel fresh and diversified. Also, to drive video traffic back to your website, include your website link in the description of all of your content.

Get on Social Media

It’s a given in today’s digital world that a business that wants to get noticed should have some kind of presence on social media. Our advice is to pick 2 platforms that you think are most important to your audience and to create accounts on them immediately.

Know that being on social media means a lot more than just crafting an account. In order for your social media account to start attracting eyeballs, you’re going to need to post regularly.

Figure out what “regularly” means for you, develop a cadence, and stick to it. Only through consistently sharing posts that link back to your website will you be able to build a following and cash in on that presence.

Guest Post

There are successful websites out there whose audiences would love your site. The trouble is that they don’t know your site exists.

A way to get in front of those audiences is to request a guest post slot on a site of interest. Guest posting entails writing a blog post for another site that allows you to link back to your site’s content.

Not only will laying links for your website on other sites increase your SEO rankings but it also (hopefully) allows you to get direct traffic from users that stumble across your links on external pages.

Conduct Webinars

Does your website help people build a skill? Does it enable people to perform a skill more successfully? If so, you may be able to conduct virtual training teaching people about said skill or how your tools empower their success.

While producing live webinars isn’t too difficult, getting eyeballs on them can be. That’s why we recommend finding successful websites that may have audiences you like and asking them if they can promote your webinar to their following.

This is likely to cost you money but the return should far outweigh the investment if you have a product to push.

Get Offline

Website advertising offline isn’t people’s first instinct. Believe us when we say though that by conducting real-world marketing campaigns, you can drive up your digital impressions.

Examples of real-world marketing might include buying a billboard placement, handing out flyers, or doing sidewalk chalk art that plugs your site. Just be mindful of your area’s strictness when it comes to promotion.

In most cities, it’s technically illegal to post flyers and exercise similar promotional workflows.

Website Advertising Techniques Are Limitless

Our team has just shared seven website advertising techniques with you that we think can boost your user base, big time. What we’ll also say is that the techniques we’ve shared are by no means comprehensive.

There are an unlimited amount of avenues you can go down to give your digital business a boost. All you have to do is be willing to experiment with things to see what works.

All of us wish you the best as you kick the tires on how best to scale your success. If we can assist you with more information on business advertising, website marketing, and similar topics, feel free to dive into additional content on our blog.

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