What are the renewal requirements for Scrum Product Owner Certification?

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Obtaining a Scrum Master Certification signifies a deep understanding of Agile principles and the ability to apply Scrum practices effectively. It equips professionals with the knowledge and skills required to guide teams through the entire Scrum lifecycle, from project initiation to delivery. Certified Scrum Masters possess a solid foundation in Agile values, principles, roles, events, and artifacts, enabling them to create high-performing teams and foster continuous improvement.

Gaining the proper knowledge is only the beginning for an IT professional. Proving your knowledge with the right certifications is what’s truly recognized. Top tech companies value certifications from leading IT institutions, making hiring the right professionals easier.

Many certifications are specially made to upskill certain professionals in specific areas of expertise and are equivalent to getting a master’s degree. So students and working individuals can obtain these certifications to study a subject of their interest further.

Being well-versed in the scrum methodology is essential for the product owner role. This means that finding the best product owner certification is significant, and the one you choose should also train you in Scrum.

What is a Certified Scrum Product Owner?

In IT companies, teams need to be agile. The professional leading an agile team would be known as a product owner. But to get to that role, one needs to have the proper knowledge and skills, which can be gained through the Scrum Product Owner Certification.

A certified scrum product owner or scrum master is more than just a project lead or team lead. This role requires one to be dedicated to providing value to the customer. This is why the CSPO certification is essential so that you can learn the framework, principles, and values required to complete a project in Scrum effectively.

Once you clear the examinations and get the certification, your work here isn’t done. This certification will be valid for up to 2 years, but then after that, you will need to renew it with your updated knowledge about the scrum product owner role.

What are SEUs?

Before the renewal process, you must understand what SEUs are. SEU or Scrum Educational Units are the most critical elements to complete your renewal process.

SEUs are a way of measuring and tracking professional development activities related to Scrum. Scrum institutions like Scrum Alliance use these units to ensure that certified Scrum professionals continue to learn and stay current with Scrum practices.

To earn your SEUs after getting your certification, you can do the following:

  • Attend workshops or seminars on Scrum-related training
  • Take part in conferences or events linked to Scrum
  • Read Scrum-related books or articles
  • Enroll in online courses or participate in webinars related to Scrum
  • Engage in Scrum-related coaching or mentoring activities

How to register your SEUs?

Getting SEUs is not enough. To get the renewal process onboard, you will need to register them. For example, you have your professional scrum product owner certification from Scrum Alliance. In that case, you must register your SEUs on the official Scrum Alliance website.

  • Join the Scrum Alliance by logging in to your account. You will get access to the SEU registration form there.
  • Once logged in to your account, navigate to the SEU dashboard by clicking the “SEU Dashboard” link in the main menu.
  • Enter all the information that is relevant to you and submit your SEU application. Of course, you must provide documentation proving your efforts to earn the SEUs.

Once your SEUs are registered, you can start your renewal process for the product owner scrum master certification.

Renewal Requirements for the Product Owner Scrum Master Certification

The renewal requirements for the professional scrum product owner certification vary depending on where you acquired the certificate. Nonetheless, the following general rules and specifications are typically needed for renewal.

Earn (SEUs) or (CEUs)

During renewal, your Scrum institute or platform will require you to obtain a specific number of SEUs or CEUs. These Scrum Educational Units or Continuing Educational Units can be gained by participating in Scrum-related training, conferences, or webinars. Depending on the certification level, different SEUs or CEUs are needed for renewal.

Pay a renewal cost

A renewal certification comes with a renewal fee. Typically, depending on the type or level of Scrum certification you have, your CSPO certification cost for renewal and the SEUs you need will vary.

Here are some of the scrum certifications and their fees according to Scrum Alliance:

  • Professional (CSP-SM, CSP-PO, CSP-CSD, CSP, or CAL II) – $250
  • Advanced (A-CSM, A-CSPO, A-CSD) – $175
  • Foundational (CSM, CSPO, or CSD) – $100

So as you can see, the renewal cost of a Certified Scrum Product Owner is $175 as of 2023.

Agree to a code of Conduct

Scrum certification organizations could ask you to abide by a code of conduct to keep your certification. Typically, the code of conduct emphasizes your moral and professional obligations as a Scrum Product Owner. So agreeing to it will show them your willingness to continue being a Scrum Master Product Owner in the tech space.

Demonstrate ongoing learning

Some certification organizations may want you to show evidence of your ongoing learning and development as a Scrum Product Owner. This can entail supplying proof of your involvement in Scrum-related activities, such as going to conferences or workshops.

How to renew the Scrum Master Product Owner Certification?

If you meet the requirements for the renewal of your CSPO certification, it’s easy to follow a few simple steps and complete your renewal process. But, of course, depending on the organization that first certified you as a Scrum Product Owner, the procedure for renewing your certification may differ.

However, generally, the steps to follow look something like this:

  • Log in to your account on the website from where you got certified. Just sign into your account with your ID and password.
  • Then, you must submit your renewal application. Your name, qualification level, and the date of your initial certification may all be included in the application.
  • Next, you must prove that you have acquired the necessary number of SEUs or CEUs throughout the renewal term.
  • Then carry out the payment process.
  • And then, finally, wait for the certifying authority to confirm that your certification has been renewed.

Your renewal confirmation will be sent to you in your email, or you will receive a certification from the website.


The most important thing you must know about the renewal process is that you must have the proper documentation for the SEUs you earned as a product owner scrum master. Along with the SEUs, you must also pay a renewal fee to renew your certification.

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