Why use Fresh flowers for weddings? 4 benefits of fresh floral arrangements

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Whether you’re planning a grand wedding or just an intimate outdoor ceremony, one thing that will make a lasting impression is the presence of beautiful, fresh flowers. Of course, it’s not just about the wow factor – procuring fresh arrangements for your wedding comes with a range of pros and cons.

Benefits of Using Fresh Flowers for Weddings

Using fresh wedding flowers can offer a variety of benefits, and is an ideal choice for couples looking to personalize their big day. Working with a professional florist can make the process easy and enjoyable as they will be able to assist you in customizing your wedding floral design. Here are some of the key benefits of using fresh flowers when decorating your venue:

  • Aesthetics:
  1. They add beauty and color to any setting, and can create a unique vibe depending on your chosen style and the desired atmosphere. Whether you’re going for romantic, classic, or modern, you can use fresh blooms to emphasize the mood of your celebration.
  2. Involve Guests:
  3. Incorporating fresh arrangements into centerpieces will add life to table settings, making them more inviting for guests. Some couples like to assign each guest a flower that is special to them or even makes boutonnieres as favors!
  4. Memorable Fragrance:
  5. When fragrant flowers are used, guests will not only have visually stunning memories but aromatic experiences as blooms fill the room with their scent. This added touch could make lasting memories that guests won’t forget!
  6. Customization Possibilities:
  7. They are highly customizable – from vivid brights and subtle pastels – there are endless options! You can also mix different types of buds or even foliage together which provides endless opportunities as far as creativity goes. Your florist will guide you through all these possibilities and help bring your vision to life in no time at all!

Popular types of fresh flowers used for weddings include roses, daisies, lilies, carnations, and tulips. With so many varied color choices available, couples can select flower arrangements that complement other wedding decorations. Freshly cut foliage is also an ideal way to add texture and interest to bouquets or centerpiece displays. Popular foliage choices include ficus leaves, palm fronds, or greenery such as ferns or baby’s breath.

Tips for Choosing

When considering what fresh flowers to include in your wedding, there are many factors to keep in mind. First and foremost is budget, as fresh flower arrangements are typically one of the more expensive items in a wedding budget. After determining a comfortable budget, couples should decide on the color palette for their floral arrangements. It is often recommended to choose two to three primary colors and one accent shade to achieve a polished overall look on the big day.

Choosing a reliable florist is also essential for a successful outcome – it’s best to seek referrals from trusted friends and family who have had positive experiences working with local vendors for their weddings. Once you have found an ideal vendor, working with them often requires multiple meetings prior to the wedding day. Set up a timeline so that the florist has plenty of time to acquire rare blooms or special orders before your celebration date arrives!


Fresh flowers have the unique ability to bring beauty and elegance to a wedding, making it truly memorable. They can be arranged in various ways, depending on your preference and style. From cascading bouquets to garlands of petals, fresh flowers are sure to add a beautiful touch that you and your guests will remember for years to come. With so many different styles of arrangements available, using fresh flowers for weddings is an easy way to create a stunning atmosphere that you’ll always remember fondly.

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