Wild & Scenic Film Festival Comes to Hoboken, Virtually

by Natalie Tsur
wild scenic film festival hoboken

Women-owned and Hobokenbased programming company Main Street Pops is set to present a virtual screening of The 19th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival the weekend after Earth Day, April 24 and 25. 

Two independent short films will be shown in celebration of nature and the urgency of environmental consciousness. Saturday’s programming, “Inspiring Adventure,” is centered around showcasing varied outdoor experiences, whereas Sunday’s “Wild Child” collection seeks to inspire younger audiences. 

Both pieces promote environmental activism and encourage a more sensitive relationship with Earth. The Wild & Scenic Film Festival intentionally selects reels whose messages resonate with their own, further educating viewers of current threats to the planet and the actions necessary in response. 

wild scenic film festival hoboken

Still from “Pedal Through” courtesy of Wilf & Scenic Film Festival

About Main Street Pops

“One of our goals is to expand the cultural offerings in town,” said Tracy Gavant, a founder of Main Street Pops. “We truly believe that through the arts, we can start new conversations and learn from other people’s perspectives. Main Street Pops truly cares about our community, and the pop-up events we have produced are designed to make an impact.”

Main Street Pops hosts events similar to this in an effort to galvanize community members. Also, to create an air of social responsibility surrounding climate issues. In communicating to the public through the arts, the company is able to establish a more welcoming environment. This is evident in their virtual screening of the Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Hoboken this year.

“When we first screened some of the short films, the three of us found ourselves both inspired and moved to tears,” said Gavant’s partner, Shan Gettens. “We just knew our community would respond the same way. The Wild & Scenic Film Festival fits that mold perfectly.”

Local Partners at This Year’s Event

Local companies that sponsored this year’s event maintain sustainability as a priority for businesses and consumers alike. Some recurring contributors are Hair Cult Salon, Natural Awakenings Magazine Hudson County, GCM Homes and Muller Insurance. Recent supporters are Mowery-Marsh Architects and Hufnagel Landscape Design & Construction Group. 

wild scenic film festival hoboken

Still from “Camel Finds Water” courtesy of Wild & Scenic Film Festival

“Our company’s mission is to bring people together, and we are so pleased to find partners who share our goals,” added co-founder Zabrina Stoffel. “Our values are simple: support local arts, create a stronger community, offer access to diverse voices and promote sustainable and responsible living.”

Main Street Pops has also partnered with two local restaurants, Salt + Seed and  Seven Valleys, offering a “meal-and-show” delivery option to enhance the Wild & Scenic Film Festival viewing experience for Hoboken and Jersey City audiences. 

All ticket holders will be entered to win a sailing trip for six to the Statue of Liberty. This prize is funded by the Hoboken Sailing Club and includes an all-expenses-paid spring makeover package at Hair Cult Salon.

How to Purchase Tickets

Tickets are $10 for individuals and $25 for a group viewing. Both available for purchase with a live chat and 24-hour video-on-demand link to rewatch the films. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Team Wilderness, a Jersey City-based non-profit that promotes growth and character within urban youth through wilderness excursions. 

Main Street Pops hopes to host an in-person event next year with more interactive, community-focused features.

Watch the teaser trailer below:

Main image from “If We Take Care of the Land and Water, It Takes Care of Us” courtesy of the Wild & Scenic Film Festival

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