Beloved Rao’s Pasta Sauce Sold to Campbell’s

by Peter Candia
Rao's Pasta Sauce

Beloved Rao’s pasta sauce has new owners. The popular sauce is consistently ranked amongst the best jarred sauces available in grocery stores. Campbell’s is poised to acquire Sovos Brands, the producer behind Rao’s pasta sauces.

Earlier this week, both companies revealed that they have reached an agreement for Campbell’s to purchase Sovos, valued at approximately $2.7 billion.


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“Paired with our faster-growing and differentiated Snacks division, [Sovos] makes Campbell one of the most dependable, growth-oriented names in food,” Campbell’s CEO Mark Clouse revealed in a statement about the acquisition. 

Apart from Rao’s sauces, Sovos Brands also offers a range of other products, including dry pasta, soups and Noosa yogurt. Still, Rao’s stands out as Sovos’ most prominent brand, accounting for almost 70% of the company’s net sales in 2022, totaling $837 million.

While this seems like a pretty run-of-the-mill business acquisition, Rao’s fans are not happy, fearing the decision can lead to a drop in quality for the product. Many took to social media to air out their frustrations over the decision, raising concerns that the quality will be weakened via the use of high fructose corn syrup and other ingredients common in Campbell’s products. As it stands, Rao’s prides itself on no added sugar, colors, tomato paste or water. 

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However, Clouse swears up and down that the beloved recipe will not be changed. 

Rao’s is a well-known and highly regarded brand. The sauce is renowned for its high-quality ingredients and authentic flavors, often touted as being very close to homemade sauces. Rao’s sauces are crafted using traditional Italian recipes, and they prioritize using simple, natural ingredients like tomatoes, olive oil, onions, and a blend of spices.

What sets Rao’s pasta sauce apart is its slow-cooked method, simulating the process of homemade sauces that are allowed to simmer for hours, which enhances the depth of flavors. This slow-cooking process is meant to ensure that the ingredients meld together, resulting in a rich and satisfying sauce. Moreover, it closely emulates the method used in Rao’s Restaurant, which opened in 1896. 

The deal is done and Rao’s is officially under ownership of Campbell’s. Fans can only cross their fingers that Clouse is being honest when he says that they won’t touch the recipe.

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