12 Famous Hoboken and Jersey City Pets to Follow

by Juliana Rodrigues
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Pets bring so much joy to our lives, including countless photo-worthy moments. Whether it be their sweet faces or the silly tricks they do, pets make us want to whip out our cameras and capture the fun. Some owners have taken to documenting these moments and creating dedicated social media accounts that feature just their pets. New Jerseyans are no exception, so we decided to scope out the local four-legged talent of Hoboken and Jersey City Pets.  Below are 12 Instagram famous Hoboken and Jersey City pets that have gained major popularity. You won’t argue that animals don’t have their own personalities after looking at these pets. Some enjoy dressing up and going on adventures, while others prefer to chill out and stay in. These accounts keep their followers current on a few of the adorable furry friends of our home state.

The Dogs of Hoboken and Jersey City

1. @deku_thecorgi 

Deku is a corgi hailing from Hoboken/Union City. His mismatched eyes, one blue and one brown, make him stand out. Deku is a very happy dog that loves naps, walks and getting dressed up for photos. 

Deku the corgi


2. @pinotspaws

Pinot was rescued from Saving Harbin Dogs this past summer and recently arrived in America in late August. He loves weekend adventures and going out to eat with his parents, @thetravelingfoodies.

Snow the shiba inu


3. @raviolithecavapoo

Ravioli is a pampered Cavapoo from Hoboken. She is just a little pup enjoying the big city! Ravioli loves her naps, and the adventures she takes with her mom, @talkdirtytoyourfood. This fall, she has gone pumpkin picking, to an annual vet check-up and voted early.


4. @zellygirlthepit

Zelly is a rescue pitbull from Animal Lighthouse Rescue in New York City. Her forever home is now in Jersey City, where she has been transitioning well. She enjoys movie nights, lazy days and taking naps as well as swimming. Zelly has been doing very well in her new home, another successful rescue!

Zelly the pitbull


5. @apugnamedlarry

Don’t let this picture-perfect face fool you. When no one is looking, Larry is always on the move. Full of energy, this pug spends his days in Hoboken and his interests include cuddles, the beach and having his picture taken.

Larry the pug


6. @fitzdrogo_samoyed

Here we have a gentle giant that always strikes a signature pose for pictures—even once for @thedogist! This fluffy Samoyed snowball is a city boy from Hoboken, who has a lot of energy but also loves his naps. Fitz also likes going for walks and exploring the city with his parents too.

Fitz Drogo from the city


7. @nuggietheloaf

Only a couple of months old, Nugget is photogenic and can’t resist a cute outfit! This tiny but sassy corgi has been adapting to city life since coming to Jersey City and lives up to her name in true loaf fashion.

Nuggie the puppy


8. @olliebear.thedood

Ollie is a black-and-white mini Australian labradoodle. Curly-haired Ollie lives in the beautiful city of Hoboken and is a very friendly pup who is always on the move. He loves going on walks and playing catch with his parents when they go to the park. Ollie always looks to be in a good mood, especially with a fresh trim from the groomer.


9. @hudson_on_hoboken

Hudson Parker Pachner is a Golden Retriever from Hoboken. Since he was a puppy, Hudson has always been happy and full of energy. He has grown into a lively, goofy dog that loves walks around the neighborhood and playing in the water. How could you ever get mad at that face?

Hudson from Hoboken


10. @odinthegood

Meet Odin, an English Cream Golden Retriever. Since the time he was a pup, Odin has wanted to be around people, learn a new trick or pose for a funny photo. He is famous for his TikToks and funny Instagram photos. 

Odin from Hoboken


The Cats of Hoboken and Jersey City

11. @socksandgeorgeanddexter

Trio Socks, George and Dexter are three happy cats that live in Jersey City. These cats love the camera, and it is obvious they enjoy dressing up and posing for photos too. They also seem to enjoy each other’s company. They have become one big happy family since their latest edition, Dexter, was brought home!

Socks the cat


12. @shady.laney

We can all take a lesson from Delaney when it comes to rest and relaxation because this cat is doing it right. Hailing from Jersey City, Delaney has a very laid back, chill vibe. She also enjoys naps and lounging, and can find a spot to sleep almost anywhere.

Delaney the cat


Are there any other Hoboken and Jersey City pets you love to follow on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below!

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