Houseplay Renovations: From Vision to Completion

by Michael Scivoli

Houseplay Renovations: From Vision to Completion

It’s no secret that renovating or building a home can be stressful. Between fishing through different contractors, figuring out a budget, and maintaining a normal family life, it’s enough to take one’s sanity. In fact, it can be so disruptive that there’s even help sites with titles like, “How to Remodel and Keep Your Marriage Together.” Whether you’re just remodeling or looking for a new home to fix up, there are so many phases involved that make the overall process seem to drag on. It doesn’t have to be that way. One possible solution is to plug in a general contractor that can help at any stage of the game.

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Tamara Templeman, who runs Houseplay Renovations, a Jersey City and Cliffside Park Remodeling Contractor alongside her husband, Niall. Thanks to Tamara’s design expertise and Niall’s extensive construction background, they founded Houseplay Renovations in 2007 with a goal of offering their clients a more structured and personal experience. Much more than a general contractor, the Houseplay team is able to take the reins and tackle a full project management from start to finish. In fact, even if you haven’t picked out a new home, Houseplay Renovations offers homebuyer support sessions to help clients set a realistic remodeling budget as they search for the right home. Tamara explains, “We want to create a home that works well for our clients, something they can love living in that fits their budget.”

What’s even more unique about Houseplay Renovations, is that you’re getting constant communication between both the design and construction end of things. When I asked Tamara if work often spilled over into her home life, she jokingly replied that, “Our client’s projects are our pillow talk.” And something tells me she wasn’t being facetious. While they personally love a modern/industrial look, Tamara and Niall always design to meet their clients’ style and needs. The team strives to create homes that look, feel, and function in a way that is unique to each individual client. By choosing a general contractor like Houseplay Renovations, you can alleviate many of the anxieties associated with remodeling — the key is to find someone who can do it all.

For more information about Houseplay Renovations or for a free initial consultation, contact Tamara and Niall at: 646-821-6078 or head over to to learn more about the services they offer and get inspiration from their extensive portfolio of renovated spaces.

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