The Sky’s The Limit: Odell Beckham Jr. Partners with ROAR

by Michael Scivoli

The Sky’s The Limit: Odell Beckham Jr. Partners with ROAR

It has been over a year since Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. shocked the world with his historic one-handed touchdown grab versus Dallas. However the catch itself referred to by sportscaster and former NFL wide receiver Cris Collinsworth as “absolutely impossible”, was only the tip of the iceberg. In just two seasons the young wideout has eclipsed dozens of NFL records, most notably of which are the records for most receptions and most receiving yards in a player’s first two seasons. But these accolades are merely a consolation to Beckham’s true worth. On the field, Beckham has become an impact player. In addition to putting great pressure on opposing teams’ defenses, the former LSU Tiger plays with as much heart as anyone in the game. Beckham’s passion off the field is no different. His dedication to community, particularly young fans, has led to a variety of new ventures with ROAR.

Perhaps one of Beckham’s most notable off the field endeavors is his budding partnership with ROAR Sports Drinks. ROAR is a new peak-performance coconut water-based sports drink that serves as a healthy alternative to sugary drinks currently on the market. The product itself has the look and excitement of an energy drink, but serves as a functional sports drink on the inside. Without artificial flavors or caffeine, ROAR has a profile consisting of B-vitamins, potassium, minerals and electrolytes. Manufactured right here in New Jersey, ROAR’s Smart Snack approved version, ROAR Lite, is currently available in over 100 high schools in the state, a number that continues to grow. ROAR’s target demographic is 8-24, an age group Beckham has become increasingly popular with.

Odell Beckham Jr. Partners with ROARAs an investor, Beckham has become the face of ROAR, alongside the company’s CEO and founder Roly Nesi. Beckham however, is no ordinary spokesperson. He has collaborated with the ROAR team on every aspect of the business and has even assisted in the design and taste of his own flavor series, OBJXIII. Nesi believes that Beckham, with his incredible persona and rapport with the younger generation, is a brand in himself. The partnership with Beckham not only ensures great appeal to Nesi’s target demographic but also secures a hands-on investor that truly believes in the product he represents. The road to providing kids with a healthier sports drink is not without its challenges. With Beckham on board— anything is possible. The Digest asked both Beckham and Nesi about their vision, partnership, and plans for ROAR in 2016.

Odell Beckham x ROAR

You’re a young guy. There must be plenty of opportunities for endorsements. Why ROAR?

OBJ: I am blessed to play an important role in a sports drink company whose mission is to provide healthier options for the next generation. Joining ROAR and having my insight valued has been a rewarding and hands-on experience, as we develop new products and campaigns together that will inspire today’s youth in a positive way.

What do you admire most about the way CEO Roly Nesi has chosen to market the brand?

OBJ: He [Nesi] has great passion, he is a big thinker and we have a great working and personal relationship.

Considering the world of endorsements, what was the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

OBJ: You want to believe in the product(s) or company you are partnering in 100 percent, it is important when you lend your name and likeness.  You need to have complete faith in that the company lives by the same moral code as you do.

Now that ROAR has hit the market, what is your ultimate goal for the brand?

OBJ: When we announced ROAR OBJXIII it was a major step forward.  It was a complete collaboration that I was extremely proud of and thoroughly enjoyed selecting the flavor and designing the packaging.  I am committed to being a part of a brand I believe in and as in everything I am dedicated to, the sky’s the limit.

Odell Beckham Jr. Partners with ROARBusiness aside, why did ROAR make sense on a personal level?

OBJ: Yes, the reason is because this was a complete collaboration. I was involved in every step of the development process for the ROAR OBJXIII (the first in the Odell Beckham Jr. Series) which was very important to me. It allowed me to continue to grow as an entrepreneur and let me express myself creatively.

As an athlete, how do you feel about drinking ROAR as opposed to other ‘energy drinks’ that may be doing more harm than good?

OBJ: I love ROAR, particularly the OBJXIII flavor. It’s in my locker, in my fridge and in my car.  It helps me prior to, during and after the game. It is a real game-changer.

What’s your “go to” flavor that’s usually stocked in the fridge?

OBJ: My two favorites are Patriot Punch and of course OBJXIII, but I have to say each member of my family has a favorite spanning the entire portfolio.

What are you and the team at ROAR most excited about in 2016?

OBJ: Turning people onto ROAR and having them taste the OBJXIII Strawberry/Watermelon flavor.

ROAR CEO and Founder Roly Nesi on the Partnership:

With such a saturated market, do you imagine ROAR replacing, or supplementing other energy drinks long term?

RN: While ROAR has the look and feel of an energy drink it is a peak performance coconut water-based sports drink with 25 percent less sugar than its competitors. ROAR’s combination of B-vitamins and potassium helps boost metabolism and enhance awareness, while coconut water provides increased electrolytes and the detoxifying effects consumers want from their sports drink.

Who do you see as your biggest competitor in the market today?

RN: The beverage market is so big and has so many different categories now. However, we are one of the only sports drinks on the market today that is low in sugar with NO artificial flavors, caffeine, preservatives, gluten or BVO [brominated vegetable oil]. ROAR is naturally healthy and continues to evolve. We pride ourselves on being one of the most innovative companies in providing our consumers with a vast variety of unique flavor combinations.

Why Beckham to represent ROAR and what does the partnership mean to the brand?

RN: Simply look at the impact Odell has had on professional football in a very short amount of time.  Whether you are a New York Giants fan or not, he has become a football fan favorite. And off the field, he has become a cultural influence on social media which has been the perfect storm in engaging our target demographic [ages 8-24].  He embodies the ROAR brand in every way. His performance on the field is electrifying and his style off the field makes this a perfect partnership for the ROAR brand.

What makes the tri-state area the ideal place to launch your brand?

RN: The New York / tri-state market is the toughest market to break through. Especially with a majority of the beverage business happening right here. The ROAR brand headquarters are in Huntington, NY and the company is made up of a strong contingent of born and bred employees. They have all grown-up in the tri-state area. The product is manufactured in Pennsauken, NJ and is proudly made in the USA.

Thinking ahead, how many retail locations can we expect to see ROAR in 2016?

RN: ROAR is currently sold in nearly 3,000 retail locations across the U.S. We have seen very positive feedback from our customers in New Jersey, especially in North Jersey.  In addition, we also produce a product called ROAR Lite. Our goal for the ROAR brand to have the integrity and efficacy of a peak performance sports drink. Over the past two years, it has been fully embraced by today’s youth and earned the trust of their parents.

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