Downtown Pharmacy: New Location in Jersey City on Park Ave

by Michael Scivoli

For over 10 years, Downtown Pharmacy has been a staple in the Paulus Hook community. Now the shop’s progressive owners have opened a second location right on Park Ave in Jersey City. More than just a drugstore, Downtown Pharmacy has become a versatile community hub that’s true purpose is to serve the neighborhood and its people. Having tailored the store to its nearby residents, Downtown Pharmacy carries just about anything one could need on a daily basis. Manager Alex Pan states, “We built our business based on the needs of the people in the community and their requests.”

DSC03259-LThe new location, like the original on Essex Street, offers everything from organic food to natural salon products. Downtown Pharmacy also have open requests as well, in the rare event that they do not carry what their customers are looking for. What’s more, the shop has geared itself towards the needs of local families, particularly those with a new child. The shop carries brands such as Babyganics, Honest Company, California Baby, and other high-quality product lines ideal for those who want to choose the best for their kids. In addition, both locations allow moms who are nursing to rent hospital grade Medela breast pumps. While the quality of hospital grade breast pumps such as Medela are preferred to many commercially sold pumps, the rentals can also be more cost efficient, especially in the short term.

Downtown Pharmacy may have a vibrant upscale look, but the shop prides itself on being affordable as well. For instance, its staff provides free delivery to local residents for anything from prescriptions to groceries (customers are also able to refill prescriptions via smartphone). Downtown Pharmacy is nostalgic of the days when being the community drugstore meant being the focal point of the neighborhood, and in many ways, they have become just that. “A lot of the time customers are at work, then can refill their prescription through mobile and we can deliver their prescription to their doorman at no additional cost,” said Pan. “We want to be helpful to our community.”
Downtown Pharmacy’s new store is located at 18 Park Avenue in Jersey City. To learn more call: 201-885-2939 or visit them at:


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