Spicing Up Brunch at Las Olas in Hoboken

by Michael Scivoli

Spicing Up Brunch at Las Olas in Hoboken

They say a good brunch is a balancing act between both sweet and savory, but what’s brunch without a little spice?

Known for $2 taco Tuesdays, BOGO sushi Wednesdays, and endless wings on Thursday, Las Olas in Hoboken has deals for just about every day of the week. But I’ve found that perhaps the best value they offer is their brunch which starts at 11:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. The management and chefs at Olas have created a brunch menu that serves up bar specials and great entrees, including huevos rancheros with chorizo and salsa verde. Armed with a hefty appetite, I visited Olas last Sunday around noon to satisfy my craving for spicy brunch food.

Chilaquiles con Huevos (minus the cheese)

Chilaquiles con Huevos (minus the cheese)

While the weather and ambiance was perfect for brunch out in the back courtyard, I opted to stay inside after my uptown walk. I went with every intention of ordering the huevos rancheros, but after talking with Brunch Manager/Bartender Dave for a few moments, I was swayed to try the chilaquiles con huevos which did not disappoint. The hearty entree is comprised of corn tortilla chips, poblano chili and cheese, baked with tomatillo sauce, and topped with two poached eggs. I was a bit intimidated by the size of the portion at first but I hunkered down and got to the bottom. Sometimes when I go out for Mexican (brunch or otherwise) the salsa verde just isn’t spicy enough for my liking. This was not the case at Olas. The salsa verde, made in house by the chef, helped me empty two mason jars of lemon water before even clearing my plate—that’s the sort of hot I was looking for. As for the eggs, which were poached to perfection, they really enhanced the flavor of the dish and added a wonderful texture that offset the crunch of the tortilla.

Dave and I also talked to some length about their drink, the Michelada, which is a Mexican cocktail made with beer, lime juice, hot sauce, and a chili seasoned rim (among other things). Despite my interest in the drink, I decided to balance things out a bit with a mimosa, which was delicious. Though Las Olas is a Mexican-Japanese fusion restaurant, they do a great job of not making every dish a crossover of both cuisines. Although there are some great dishes that are crossovers—Mexican Edamame and Spicy Tuna Dumplings (served on a spread of guacamole) come to mind—Olas knows when to mix the two and when to let them stand on their own. The brunch menu encompasses everything from skirt steak and eggs to pancakes, and the best part is that the sushi bar is open throughout the day as well. It’s important to note that not every dish is spicy, so you can certainly get your share of sweet and savory if you so choose. With Pier 13 only a few minutes walk from their front door, Olas is an ideal spot for brunch on the weekends.

Las Olas in Hoboken is located at 1319 Washington St. For more information feel free to stop in, visit Las Olas at www.lasolasushi.com or call 201-222-9991.


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