Milk Sugar Love: More Reasons to Love Ice Cream

by Michael Scivoli

You’d be hard pressed to find a guy or gal that would turn down a perfectly good ice cream cone, that is of course assuming you’re not that dreary lactose intolerant friend in the group like myself. However, Milk Sugar Love is more than just good ice cream. For owner Emma Taylor, ice cream is about “going beyond just chocolate and vanilla.” The Jersey City creamery and bakeshop aspires to offer the community a higher quality product by using only organic, grass-fed milk 5and cream in all of its recipes. Organic milk has more beneficial omega-3 and less detrimental omega-6, as if we needed another reason to eat ice cream. In addition, many of Milk Sugar Love’s recipes are seasonally inspired. For instance, an exclusive strawberry recipe may only be available during the early summer months (when the fruit is in season).

Taylor might’ve officially opened the doors at Milk Sugar Love last June, but she never forgot her roots. It wasn’t long ago that she spent afternoons pushing a cart of ice cream around at local farmer’s markets in effort to share her original recipes with the community. It was from this that Taylor developed the idea for Pint Club. For those of you not familiar with Pint Club, it is a sign up in which you receive two exclusive pints of ice cream in unique seasonal flavors for the months of October, November, and December—delivered right to your front door. If going for a walk to get ice cream cones is a summer thing, staying at home while watching Netflix with a pint of ice cream is a fall thing (just don’t make winter a gallon thing). Delivery for the Pint Club includes residences in Bayonne, Hoboken, and Jersey City; I guess I’ll be stocking up on dairy pills for the remainder of 2015.

Pint Club exclusives ready for delivery.

Pint Club exclusives ready for delivery.

Recently, Milk Sugar Love added a new soft serve machine to its repertoire (officially launches Saturday, September 12th). And with its close proximity to kid-centric Hamilton Park, it’s become a prime location to soak up the last of those September rays with an ice cream cone. Regardless of the season, Milk Sugar Love endeavors to raise the bar for ice cream everywhere by simply getting back to the basics (i.e. organic, seasonal eating) or as Taylor says, “It’s all about the ingredients. Milk, Sugar, and what all great foods are made with, love.”

Milk Sugar Love is located at 19 McWilliams Place in Jersey City.

For more info or to Sign Up for Pint Club, go to: or call 201.984.0530

Bottoms up!

Bottoms up!

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