Romparoo: Yoga For Kids and More

by Michael Scivoli

Since opening its playroom doors in 2003, Romparoo has developed a diverse repertoire of classes and activities for kids ages 6 months to 7 years. Romparoo has created an environment where kids can be kids without the fear of getting hurt or being judged. Places like Romparoo have been great pioneers in encouraging children to explore their creative side from an early age. Although many of us associate creativity with various forms of art, at Romparoo it means so much more than that. The kids have a chance to use their imagination which helps to develop a good sense of divergent thinking. Divergent thinking refers to a person’s ability to formulate multiple solutions to one problem — which as you might’ve guessed is a part of everyday life.

It comes as no surprise that the Romparoo team is continuing to create new classes every year. Manager Courtney Frost, recently certified as a Next Generation Yoga instructor, will be introducing yoga classes for kids and families. The classes at Romparoo will feature Family Yoga for kids 2-3 years, Kid’s Yoga for 3-5 years, and Big Kid’s yoga for 5-7 years. Yoga for kids is a great chance to help kids learn how to follow instructions, relax, and use their bodies in a different way. When asked about the new class, Courtney said, “We want to give this community [Hoboken] and our kids as much as we can.” In a world bombarded with technology, it’s a great way to get the kids into the habit of doing something that benefits them both mentally and physically.

In addition to their newest class, Courtney and the Romparoo team will be offering 5 day a week summer camp starting on June 22. The summer camp will feature bits from all of their classes, including Creative Movement and Kid’s Yoga. In addition, if your kids miss the cut off for pre-school this coming year, Romparoo offers a pre-school alternative class called My Big Step Up. Classes like this are great in the way that they help get the little ones ready for life in a school setting. Romparoo is a place where kids can let loose and play in a stress-free environment, as Courtney says, “we want kids to leave here feeling good and excited about coming back.”

To learn more or register for classes visit Romparoo at 537 Park Avenue, Hoboken, NJ or call 201.653.3232

Also, enjoy a free Mommy-and-Me class during your first visit. Sign up for classes that day and receive 10% off.


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