Hudson County Art Supply: Find the Artist in You

by Michael Scivoli

For over 12 years, Hudson County Art Supply in Jersey City has been a go-to for arts and crafts. As of April 2015, owner John McInerney and company have opened a second location on Willow Avenue in Hoboken. Beyond just basic arts and crafts, Hudson County Art Supply and its staff are heavily involved in the local art community. McInerney explains, “There are an ample amount of artists in town, and as part of that community it is our job to help our customers discover things such as local art shows and classes.” A Jersey City resident for 15 years, and a Hoboken resident prior to that, McInerney endeavors to inform his artistically inclined customers about the many resources available to them right here in town.

1McInerney, like many others recognizes that the idea of making art is largely trial and error. It is from this concept that many artists often find their own unique way of creating. With each particular style comes a need for particular tools and materials, thus the staff’s goal is to help each artist find what best serves their individual expression. “Every artist has their own method, from ‘never did it before’ to established artist, we help narrow things down for them.” Guidance such as this is invaluable, especially to young artists who are just beginning to experiment.

You don’t need to be a world renowned painter to reap the benefits of art, though. A study out of Germany in 2014 has shown that the production of visual art could possibly slow down or negate certain age-related issues associated with brain function. Even something as simple as an adult coloring book (which is a rapidly growing trend in both Jersey City and Hoboken) can serve this purpose. The new Hoboken store may look small from the outside, but it’s stocked everything from painting canvases and brushes, to party supplies and gifts for kids. And as always, Hudson County Art Supply offers great discounts to students.  “We’re a small shop,” McInerney said, “but we are jammed pack full of stuff.”

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” -Pablo Picasso

Hudson County Art Supply’s new store is located at 511 Willow Avenue in Hoboken. Visit them at or call 201-683-0519.


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