Prime Cycle: A Passion for Riding

by Michael Scivoli

Prime Cycle is a cycling studio that runs on passion, it is what sets them apart from an ordinary gym or spin studio. For co-owner/class instructor Julie Insogna-Jarrett, the magic stemmed from years of enjoying spectacular cycling classes all over the New York metropolitan area—hoping to one day have a similar experience in her neighborhood. Julie, who is a mom living right here in Hoboken, explained, “For the past few years, I’ve always dreamed of having a high-end, sophisticated cycling studio in my town.” And now for her and Prime Cycle’s many riders, that has become a reality. Though Julie and her three partners all bring their different strengths to the table, they remain connected by one thing: a love for cycling.

Constantly inspired by each other and their riders, the great minds at Prime Cycle developed what they call the Prime Method. With cycling at the core of the curriculum, this unique training method is, in a nutshell, a cross between “performance riding and rhythm riding.” The classes, which include full-body workouts, are not only challenging, but fun, as Julie says, “It’s a party on a bike.” But if you think these spin classes are a cakewalk, think again. Riders are said to burn anywhere from 350-1000 calories per class. In fact, they’ve even had some pro athletes break a sweat in their studio, but that’s not to say you have to be a pro to join in. If you haven’t taken a cycling class before, don’t fret. In addition to helping beginners get acclimated to their equipment and routines, Prime Cycle offers a 101 class that includes a free shoe rental for first timers.

Being devoted to every facet of their studio, the staff at Prime Cycle cuts no corners—especially not when it comes to their music. Julie and her instructors spend a great deal of time carefully crafting their playlists specifically for each class, because let’s face it, the right tunes have the potential to turn any good workout into a great one. “We always tell people to ride the beat,” said Julie. The studio makes use of state-of-the-art audio and theatrical lighting that is meant to enhance classes, motivate riders, and help everyone forget that they’re working their butts off. At Prime Cycle, the goal is simple: become a better version of yourself and have fun doing it. Julie and her partners say, “If we can help people look and feel amazing right here in Hoboken, then we’re doing exactly what we wanted to do.”

To sign up for classes head uptown to 1025 Maxwell Lane, Hoboken, NJ or contact Prime Cycle at [email protected] or call (201) 795-0900

Co-owner/Instructor Julie Insogna-Jarrett

Co-owner/Instructor Julie Insogna-Jarrett


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