How To Make Your Room Look More Cool And Aesthetic

by Allen Brown
how to make your room look cool

For many people living in big towns like Jersey City or Hoboken, apartment sharing is the only affordable option. Unless you are renting a whole place with friends you’re unlikely to be able to decorate anywhere other than your bedroom. Your bedroom also becomes your sanctuary in apartment shares and should be a place you feel comfortable and relaxed. Part of that comfort comes from having a room that looks cool. This article aims to give you some ideas of how to make your room cooler and more aesthetically pleasing.

Get Yourself Some Neon

One of the most fun and eye-catching things to have on your wall in your room is a neon sign. These provide an interesting type of light that you can’t get from regular lamps. Some popular options are neon beer signs that are perfect for bars and can remind you of good nights out. You can choose from an array of different personalized options and find one that speaks to you. Neon signs can either be a focal point of the room or fill a space where you can’t put a picture because it would look odd. Getting a neon sign can be a great way to personalize your room and make it considerably cooler.

Focus On Your Bed

The biggest piece of furniture in most bedrooms is the bed. If you live in a flatshare, the room may have come with a bed and if it has, it is unlikely to be a particularly nice one. As they take up so much space it’s important that you have a bed frame that you like as well as a set of sheets and duvet covers that make you feel good. Speak to your landlord to see if you can replace the bed frame with something more your flavor. You’ll be surprised how much better your room feels once you’ve got a good bed at the center of it. Focusing on your bed is a good trick for making your room more aesthetically pleasing.

Mood Lighting

how to make your room look cool

Photo by Tan Danh

Most rooms will have a central light fitting that maybe has a simple shade around it. Regular bulbs offer a harsh light that is often quite unnatural. Refitting this bulb with a warm tungsten one can make your bedroom feel a lot more homely and cozy. Buying some additional lamps can also help give your room elements of light and dark, without having to use the ceiling bulb. The extra light sources can be great for setting a relaxing mood in the evening. They have the benefit of making it look very cool and show that you’ve put thought into your room. Mood lighting is the key to making your room cool and aesthetically pleasing.


Again, if you live in a flatshare you probably have quite a lot of your personal possessions just in your bedroom. Unless you have some storage elsewhere it can be quite difficult to not end up with a cluttered bedroom. In terms of making space feel better, decluttering is key. If there are things that you are holding on to that you just don’t need anymore, get rid of them. If you can rent a small storage space to hold some of your things that you don’t need access to all the time, do that too. Decluttering is essential for having a cool and aesthetic room.

Select A Few Choice Plants

how to make your room look cool

Photo by cottonbro

Houseplants are becoming more and more popular and with good reason. There is something about the natural green of the leaves that makes a room feel better. Depending on the look you are going for, having a couple of well-placed plants can really complete a room. You could go the other way and fill your room with plants and make it a little forest. Both would be interesting options and is just up to personal preference. Try to find some that are easy to maintain, dead plants do not make for a cool or aesthetically pleasing room.

Room To Breathe

Having a room of your own that you enjoy being in is really important. A big part of that is going to come from making that room look how you want it. Whether the aesthetic appeal comes from; neon signs, a nice bed, mood lighting, a lack of clutter or some houseplants is really up to you. Take a step back and look at the space and work out what you want it to look like. If you have got a room that is cool and aesthetically pleasing then you’ll feel pretty great!

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