Need Flower Delivery Services? Here are Your Options

by Allen Brown

There is no prettier sight than that of the freshly bloomed flowers – which is why they are the most popular gifts for any occasion. Nowadays, you can order the arrangement of your choice online in a few simple steps and surprise your loved ones with their favorite flowers. The secret to successfully executing this is to find a reliable online service that can cater to your needs. Here are some of the most popular flower delivery services to help you show that special person how much they mean to you. 

Lula’s Garden

For a succulent lover, Lula’s Garden’s selection is a dream come true. Whether you need a single petite aloe vera for decoration or a much larger arrangement of cacti to put in the garden, you will find what you are looking for. Large succulents also come in a planter gift box, so they are ready to take their place. The beauty of these plants is that with proper care, they last for a long time, so your loved one can cherish them for years to come. 


When you would like to surprise someone but have a limited budget, UrbanStems could be a great alternative. They offer a convenient subscription service, so you can order fresh arrangements on a regular basis. You can choose which flowers go into every batch for each delivery and have them shipped on the same day. Not only will this have you covered for everyone you’re sending flowers to, but it’s an extremely cost-effective solution.


If you like to mix and match your arrangements and receive the freshest product possible, you should opt for ProFlowers. Their assortment ranges from small plants you can combine to gourmet selection to use as an exquisite piece of decor. For a small group of products, they offer an option for same-day delivery. This includes single plants and arrangements too, which means that you will literally get a bouquet made of flowers directly from the field.

Farmgirl Flowers

Some occasions will require you to make sure you order the perfect bouquet in order to wow the person receiving it. With all the features Farmgirl Flowers offers, you will be able to do that and much more. You can use an always-available discount for farmgirl flowers to order luscious and unique arrangements at very affordable prices. Not only will you save money on your order, but you will be able to help the environment too, as their flowers are delivered in biodegradable bags.

Postal Petals

The most cost-effective solution for decorating spacious gardens, backyards, patios, or any other venue is to buy plants in large batches. Postal Petals always delivers the freshest seasonal flowers collected from local farmers. They specialize in larger orders and often offer them at very affordable prices. You can choose from the available options and roughly calculate the quantity you need to order to fill your space. Upon receiving it, you will have the convenience of making as many arrangements as you want to.


Petalled is the go-to service for talented DIYs who are passionate about creating the most beautiful bouquets. With that being said, they also offer instructions and labels for beginners who have just decided to learn how to make DIY floral arrangements. Plus, their vast selection of flowers and services makes it very convenient to build your dream composition yourself. It’s the ultimate solution for perfectionists who like to arrange things just the way they want them.


When it comes to package delivery, Amazon has become a synonym for convenience, and their flower delivery services are not an exception. While you can also order plants, compositions, or entire gardens from individual sellers, Amazon Prime members have an even more advantageous option. With a monthly or yearly subscription, you can get a regular delivery of fresh flowers with cost-free two-day shipping. Whichever service you opt for, your loved one’s satisfaction will be guaranteed, and you won’t have to spend a fortune to achieve this either.

Whether you are sending prearranged buckets or receiving flowers to make the arrangements yourself, you will find an option for it in this article. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to make a reservation for a special occasion either because some of these services even offer same-day delivery as well. With these options, you will always have the perfect solution for your flower-related needs. So, feel free to use them to make the most appropriate selection easier and satisfy the person receiving the delivery every time.

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