How to Get Back Into the Gym

by Allen Brown

Looking to get back to the gym but feeling daunted? This is understandable as gyms were closed for a long time and it can feel strange to suddenly go back into this environment, especially when you are sharing equipment and in a space with lots of other people exercising. On top of this, it can be hard to get back into your fitness regime so read on for a few tips that will hopefully help.

Go at Quiet Times

You might find it a bit overwhelming to go to the gym at peak times, especially if you are still feeling nervous about COVID-19 like many are. This is why you should try to pick a quieter time, which is usually during office hours (although less so now with people working remotely).

Ease Back In

Even if you have been exercising at home, you still need to ease your way back in and build up as opposed to simply picking up where you left off pre-pandemic. Even doing this you are likely to feel some soreness the next day, so make sure that you are not overdoing it and really take your time to get back into your regime.

Stretch & Recover

Leading on from this, you should also make sure that you are taking the time to stretch before and after exercise and giving your body enough time to recover. This should help to prevent injury and help you to get back in the swing of things. If you do suffer an injury but it is not your fault, such as faulty equipment, then you could look into making a personal injury claim.

Set Manageable Goals

Goal-setting is a smart way to motivate yourself and to make progress, but you also need to be realistic. You need a goal that will be challenging yet achieved and to know your limitations and how your body/fitness has changed since the pandemic.

Buy New Clothes

It can be hard to find the motivation to get back in the gym, but you might find that buying new clothes gives you the inspiration and confidence needed to get started once again. Once you have a good session and you see how safe it is, you are sure to quickly get back into the swing of things and enjoy your workouts.

Hopefully, this post will help anyone feeling daunted about returning to the gym to take that first step and get back to working out.

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