Fun + Useful iPhone Accessories to Get the Most of Your Device

by Allen Brown

There are tons of iPhone accessories on the market that offer various benefits to users, but not all of them give you everything that you want out of your device. If you are looking for something specific – or just fun and useful accessories in general – this article is for you.

iPhone Stands

You might be thinking “What do I need a stand for? I already have one built into my phone.” However, there are some people out there who prefer to watch videos or look at pictures standing up rather than holding their iPhone the whole time. This is where stands come into play. You have many options including desk stands, floor-standing stands, universal mounts, etc. A popular option is the Gooseneck Stand which you can attach to your desk or bedside table. They are typically adjustable so they are perfect for watching videos, browsing the web, or reading books on your iPhone. Do keep a price history checker before shopping for these products.


Now you might be thinking “This doesn’t apply to me at all.” You might not use a stylus much but it really comes in handy for people who have big hands, have arthritis, wear gloves often, don’t want to get fingerprints on their screen, etc. Styluses come in all different types of materials including hard plastic, metal or rubber tips. Some even come with little balls attached that will roll over the surface of your device’s screen without actually touching it. A popular option is the Jot Pro Stylus which has a nice ergonomic design and a solid tip.

Touch Screen Gloves

No matter how you try, there will be times when you have to put your gloves on to keep warm or go outside for whatever reason. There’s nothing more frustrating than having cold hands and not being able to use your touchscreen device as well as you should be able to. However, there are special gloves that can allow you to use touch screen devices with ease even while wearing them! For example, many manufacturers now produce these kinds of gloves including Zagg, Griffin Technology, etc. You can find some great touchscreen-compatible winter gloves at places like Best Buy and Amazon.

iPhone Screen Protectors

Everyone wants to keep their screens nice and clean, but it is difficult to do so while using them. The iPhone’s touchscreen allows your greasy smudges and dirt all over the place which can be very annoying. However, there are some great screen protectors out there that you can use without decreasing the touchscreen function of your device. Many screen protectors come in static-cling forms or other materials such as plastic, glass, film, etc. They’re easy to apply and usually leave no sticky residue when removed from your phone. One great option is the GPEL iPhone 4 Screen Protector which offers superior protection for a relatively low price.

iPhone Bumpers/Film Protectors

One major issue that many iPhone 4 and 4S owners have been experiencing with their devices is the “Bendgate” issue which causes users to hear weird noises from the phone when held a certain way. Although Apple has yet to admit there’s actually an issue, it can be fixed by purchasing a bumper or film protector for the back of your device. These products usually come in form of a thin layer of clear plastic that goes around your device, protecting every corner from being bent. A good option is the Gel Case Full Body Bumper Anti-Scratch Clear Protector which is great for preventing scuffs and scratches as well as bending.

iPhone Car Cradle/Holder

Driving while using GPS on your iPhone may not be the safest thing to do, but who can really say no? I mean, your phone is an amazing device and it’s so much easier than pulling over every 10 minutes. However, you can take your iPhone experience to a whole new level if you purchase a car dock/holder for your iPhone. There are many inexpensive mounts out there that will attach directly to your vehicle’s air vent or windshield without any hassle. They are typically easy to install and remove which makes them even more appealing to busy people that use their phones as GPS on the go. Some great options to consider include the Universal Car Holder by iKross, Magnetic Phone Holder F, etc.

iPhone Stereo Speakers

There are several speakers out there that you can attach directly to your device for some great sounds. Some docks and cases come with speakers built-in, but those usually offer mediocre sound quality at best. However, if you’d like to hear better sounds from your iPhone, a stereo dock is an excellent choice. There are tons of different versions out there and prices vary depending on the quality and design of the speaker(s). A good example would be the iHome iPhone/iPod Alarm Clock Speaker Dock which offers high fidelity sound throughout your home or office.

iPhone Camera Lenses

You already know just how amazing the camera on your iPhone is, but what happens when you want to take it even further? This is where lens adapters come into play. There are a handful of adapters out there that allow you to attach different lenses/filters/mirrors onto your iPhone for some amazing effects. The great thing about lens adapters is the fact that they can offer unlimited opportunities for creativity and even help you make some extra cash on the side! Some good examples include Macro10x Telephoto Lens, Cinetic BigMouth Pro, etc.

iPhone Car Mounts

Many people use their iPhones as GPS on the go which is very convenient for those that don’t have a GPS system installed in their vehicle or simply cannot afford one. However, using a phone as a GPS while driving is always risky business considering all of the distractions it creates. A great solution to this is a car mount for your iPhone. These products allow you to attach the device directly in front of your windshield so that all directions and alerts can be seen with ease. There are tons of different mounts out there which means finding the right one could take some time, but it’s definitely worth it because they can help reduce distractions while driving. One good example would be the iBolt Auto Drive Smartphone Mounts which comes with quick snap technology and offers 360-degree rotation capabilities.

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