A Detailed Guide To Understand The Future Of Electric Vehicle Charging

by Allen Brown

If You’re Considering An Electric Car, It’s Worth Considering All The Factors Around It

Most people are used to fueling their cars with regular gasoline. When it comes to electric vehicles, it can be a little confusing as to how one goes about charging them. Is it as simple as charging your phone or laptop, where you simply plug it in? The answer is yes, actually! With new developments in technology constantly coming through, charging your car is really that easy. 

Level 1 – Basic Charging

To begin with, you need to understand the basics of charging an electric vehicle. If you check out the header image, created by Compare the Market, you will be able to find the basic way to charge your car in an economical way. 

The most basic way to recharge an electric vehicle battery is to plug it into the charging unit; this is called level 1 charging and is the same method you use to charge your home appliances. A charging station can easily be installed in your home. It’s an inexpensive way to charge your car, but it’s also time-consuming. People with shorter commutes can make the best use of this method. 

For a small fee, you can also use the charging stations set up for public use. 

Level 2  – Mid-tier Charging Method

If you’re looking for speed and convenience, the level 2 charging method will be more effective for you. It’s similar to the power source unit you need for level 1 charging, but it charges your car faster. Many hotels are providing this facility as an additional amenity for their guests. This charging method can fully repower your electric vehicle battery in about 6 hours. 

Level 3 – Fast Charging

The level 3 charging units are the fastest way to power up your electric vehicle. They can recharge your vehicle’s battery to 80% power within 30 minutes. It cuts down a lot of time otherwise spent waiting for your car to be charged. This type of charger is available in different types of connectors, but they all serve the same purpose. These connectors are mostly used for public charging and are not ideal for homes. 

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP. on UnSplash

Ease Of Charging Your Electric Car

The electric car is not only environmentally friendly but easy to recharge. You can use one of the many convenient options now available on the market. You can charge it at home with level 1 or level 2 charges. However, for safety purposes, it’s important that you seek assistance from a professional electrician who knows how to install a home charger properly. 

More public charging places are coming up to meet the needs of electric car owners, which means more opportunities for you to take advantage of level 3 fast charging. The cost of charging from a public station varies so you should do your due research to see what time suits you best. 

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