20 New Jersey Clothing Boutiques to Shop Locally

by Michelle Coneo

In the online shopping era, we tend to forget the unique experience of an in-person shopping spree. The personal touch of a fashionista assisting you with their knowledge. The certainty of what the items look like. And the best part? No waiting time, no delivery fees and no more tracking your order every five minutes. At The Digest, we value fashion and those businesses that strive to find the best outfits for their clients. So, we did a little digging and found 20 New Jersey clothing boutiques to shop locally. 

1. The Fig Leaf Boutique – Maywood, NJ

This boutique focuses on elegant and glamorous style. It offers a prom line, gala and pageant gowns, as well as homecoming cocktail dresses and eighth-grade dance dresses. The Fig Leaf reminds everyone that expressing ourselves through clothing will never go out of style. 

“Catering to our customers is what we do best. Let us assist you in finding the perfect outfit!” – The Fig Leaf Boutique

2. Boutique 518 – Allendale, NJ

Boutique 518 is a place where quality isn’t determined by the price tag. This small store not only offers fashionable items, it also presents its customers with the everyday clothing items everyone needs in their closet. 

 “Stylish and affordable clothing and accessories that represent the latest trends.” – Boutique 518

3. Alba Boutique – Multiple Locations


From cozy slippers and delicate pajama sets to stylish outing dresses, this boutique makes sure every client leaves wanting to come back for more. Alba Boutique has locations in Ridgewood, Hoboken, Summit and Morristown. It’s also been voted Best Fashion Boutique by 201 Magazine and Best Clothing Store in Hoboken.  

“Here, we don’t just help you find a dress or top, but instead connect with you to find the perfect pieces for the important moments in your life.  We have always been known for our unrivaled one on one shopping experience, whether it is in-store or virtual via text or call as we review each client’s customIzed look-book of styles that we have chosen just for them.” – Alba Boutique

4. LOOA Boutique- Cliffside Park, NJ

LOOA Boutique specializes in K-style clothing and sterling silver jewelry. Their aesthetic revolves around simplicity, with the goal of helping women find a chic wardrobe that harmonizes with their own natural beauty.  

“We regard credibility with our customers to be the most important and we wish to be a brand with finding true and everlasting beauty based on share, love and promise.” – LOOA Boutique.

5. Dor L’Dor – Multiple Locations

Dor L’Dor makes it into these 20 New Jersey clothing boutiques by being an amazingly affordable, yet high-end shop. This brand aims to provide a new set of eyes for every woman that walks in the store. Their well-rounded fashionistas will provide you with refreshing fashion advice from their unique points of view. Also, they offer several locations including Englewood, Summit, Hoboken, Red Bank and Sea Girt. 

“We want to help make sure that your first impression is a lasting one. Whether you are looking for a dress for a night out or a cozy piece for your couch, we are sure to have it!” – Dor L’ Dor Team

6. Reve Boutique – Englewood, NJ

This store considers its customers superstars, and as such, they assure a five-star service in every visit. Everything from beautiful dresses to handpicked collections will be awaiting you upon arrival. Reve Boutique’s team works hard to select items that will make you feel bold and confident at any event or occasion. 

“Why should stars be the only ones who get personally styled? Every girl should have the luxury of an on hand, online, 24/7 stylist. We are bringing you this glamorous experience, at no extra fee!” – The Reve Team.

7. The Margo Market – Hoboken, NJ

This boutique offers what you would imagine a celebrity’s closet to look like: a mix of quality and sophistication–with the heart and boldness of socially-conscious items. The Margo Market adds value to every purchase through the insight of stories told by the masterminds behind each product. They personalize every visit with appointments that can be scheduled for anyone wanting a private shopping experience.

“The vision of Margo is to push the retail industry in a more sustainable direction. We advocate a direction that not only values exceptional design and unique offerings but also the artisans and their stories as much as the end consumer.” – Margo Market

8. Pink Orchid Fashion Inc. – Passaic, NJ

Pink Orchid is a boutique brand that specializes in modest fashion and elegant clothing. Their collections are not just beautiful and sophisticated, but they also want every customer to be satisfied with their purchase. This is why their services include providing alterations when needed. Among the many options they offer, these include a junior line as well as a plus-size line that screams “dressy” in every item. 

9. Vivi Girl Shop- Jersey City, NJ

Vivi Girl Shop is a family-run business that strives to make every client feel at home when they stop by. The store was founded by a Jersey City couple whose mission is to push forward women’s clothing by offering styles that are casual yet sophisticated and timeless. 

“Being both immigrants, we had our fair share of unpleasant experiences while shopping. That’s why we understand that shopping is more than just a transaction, it’s an experience. We want to turn our negative experiences into positive ones for our customers.” – Vivi Girl

10. Velvet Lush Boutique – Montclair, NJ

At Velvet Lush Boutique, boho-chic meets vintage collections and the latest fashion trends. This boutique is a women’s clothing brand that presents its clients with a wide range of products like vintage jackets, fur coats, tees, sweaters, dresses and denim items that will complete every outfit. 

“We are a West Coast-inspired boutique with a boho-chic vibe. Something like New York meets LA! Expect to find everything from trendy clothing, candles, sage, and cool vintage finds.” – Tiffany Montesino, Owner

11. Peper & Parlor – Hoboken, NJ

A boutique that makes designer clothes affordable for their clients, Peper & Parlor belongs to the small group of women who want to be part of the growth of the ladies that shop at their store. Whether they changed their career paths, became mothers or anything else that impacted their lives, Peper & Parlor wants to provide for their ever-changing fashion needs. 

“We’ve invested years of LOVE and effort to provide quality clothing and shoes always with exceptional customer service. We offer you fashion that is not only beautiful and original but wearable and timeless.” – Peper and Parlor 

12. Oasis – Montclair and Ridgewood, NJ

Oasis encloses the beauty of women’s contemporary clothing, offering classy and dashing items that will refine your closet. All at an affordable price. It now offers two locations in New Jersey, one in Montclair and the other in Ridgewood. Whether you are looking for flattering outerwear or very feminine pieces, this will be the place to go. 

“We have been in the fashion industry for about 39 years. We are very friendly and strongly believe that customers are always right. Our priorities will always be style, price and customer service.” – Rafi Rachman, Owner 

13. Envy By Melissa Gorga – Montclair, NJ

Envy reflects owner (and RHONJ star) Melissa Gorga’s vision for fashion. The store presents a wide range of options including tons of outerwear, tops, dresses, bottoms, swim and the Envy collection by Melissa. These items are hand-picked pieces created by emerging designers and presented to prestigious fashion-forward brands. 

“Quality, style and unique choices are top priority, but second to our customer service and the impeccable experience. At Envy the atmosphere is vibrant, lively and one you will be sure never to forget. For the experience alone, one should give it a look.” – Melissa Gorga, Owner

14. Ludovica Clothing- Westwood, NJ

Ludovica is the destination for eclectic fashion. Bold color palettes and textures play their part in the boutique’s collections. They offer a broad range of products from apparel to accessories, intimates, outerwear and shoes, while aiming for quality in every piece as well as satisfaction from every customer. 

“Our main goal is to provide an inexpensive but amazing shopping experience. We receive new merchandise constantly and are always updating our styles. Bergen Magazine voters named as ‘Best Boutique’ in 2018 and ‘Best Kept Secret’ in 2019.” – Ludovica

15. Mint Market- Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ

This shop merges vintage and contemporary fashion. Mint Market boutique offers two locations in Hudson County where anyone can find items from outerwear, night-out dresses to concert-ready, funky vintage items. Also, if you are looking for famous designer brands, these stores curate vintage Chanel and other high-end designer bags and accessories.

“Since 2013, Mint Market has been a community staple in women’s fashion. We pride ourselves in curating unique vintage finds and merchandising them alongside contemporary-inspired timeless pieces.” – Valerie Duardo, Owner

16. Femmebot Clothing – Ridgewood, NJ

Femmebot offers their guests an all-in-one fashion service based on the philosophy that personal style builds confidence. Their main goal is to make everyone feel like the best version of themselves, no matter their age or size. Within their premises, they contain a mix of in-house and designer clothing collections that are authentic and embrace individuality at their core value. 

“After years in the industry, I recognized that I have a passion for helping people create styles all their own. I run with the belief that style isn’t just defined by what you wear, but how you live your life every day.”- Tina Setia, Founder and Principal Stylist

17. STITCH Boutique – Madison, NJ

Located in the heart of downtown Madison, this store houses unique fashion pieces. New merchandise arrives almost daily, offering an ever-changing array of styles to suit every woman. STITCH is stylish and affordable for women of all ages. The store offers everyday wardrobe staples as well as elevated cocktail attire, jewelry and handbags for a fun night out.

“Our number one goal is to help you look and feel fabulous!” – STITCH

18. Tapestrie – Englewood, NJ

Tapestrie was designed to provide customers with a relaxing, yet fun and productive shopping adventure. The extraordinary experience starts with the store’s layout and clothing collections, down to the customer service experience. It has a broad range of cozy items such as sweaters, bottoms and must-have accessories, as well as one-of-a-kind items for special occasions. 

“We pride ourselves on our knowledge of apparel construction, drape and fit. Attractive, flattering fashion is achieved by combining great fit with great style.” – Tapestrie

19. Apricot Lane Boutique – Ridgewood, NJ

This clothing boutique prides itself in helping its customers express themselves through their fashion-forward pieces. They carry a high-quality selection of clothing items and accessories that keep up with the latest trends while creating timeless looks. To make sure every guest takes home something fresh and exceptional, they restock frequently and carry limited units. 

Our clothing is on-trend, affordable and ever-changing to ensure you walk away with something one-of-a-kind! We carry a curated collection of well-known brands mixed with new, up-and-coming brands; all of which are high-quality, stylish and affordable. We provide forward trends with a classic style.” – Apricot Lane Boutique

20. Dune + Salt – Hoboken, NJ

This clothing store’s central focus revolves around coastal vibes, with ethically and sustainably sourced goods from local brands. In fact, Dune + Salt began with a dare and has since become a group of stores that seek to give back. Among their various collections, they offer items for the entire family—these stores carry men’s and women’s clothing, youth pieces and home decor. These easy-to-style basics will add a classy vibe to your wardrobe. 

“We believe that shops, more than ever, need to be a place of discovery, great conversations, finds a common ground with its customers (ours is the love of being near water) and gives back to the community it exists in…” – Dune + Salt

If you know of a local clothing boutique that you’d want us to feature, drop us a line, we love to hear your suggestions. To support these New Jersey clothing boutiques, we encourage you to interact with them online and shop local in 2020!

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