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Challenge coins can be excellent keepsakes, ideal gifts, special rewards, and a strong symbol of belonging.

Once upon a time, challenge coins are widely used in the military but rarely appear in the lives of ordinary people. They are now widely used by various professionals, groups, hobbyists, and other organizations from all walks of life around the world. A challenge coin is a metal coin or medal worn by members of a group and bearing the organization’s crest, badge, or logo. These challenge coins are traditionally used by the military, worn by servicemen and women, to show exclusive membership and boost the morale of military groups when challenged.

Military unit commanders used to award military challenge coins in recognition of extraordinary achievements by unit members. They are also referred to as exchanges and trades during sanctioned visits to various foreign organizations, bases, and service trips, such as firefighter challenge coins.

Modern signature coins come in various sizes and often contain pop culture references, such as parodies of superheroes and well-known figures. Today’s challenge coin designs are expanding the purpose and symbolism of challenge coins.

Friendships and achievements are represented by challenge coins. Members of units, teams, companies and corporations work together to reach milestones and goals. They are often used to commemorate a major achievement, anniversary, or unique occasion. People who donate and receive Company Challenge Coins form strong and lasting bonds. Military challenge coins have been in use for at least half a century, some say dating back to colonial times.

If you currently need to customize a batch of exclusive challenge coins, please read on, the following will recommend you the top 5 customized challenge coin maker in the United States, and analyze the specific advantages of each website:

GS-JJ is committed to providing customers with the best quality products for the best prices and delivering on time! They have their own factory and have been making promotional gifts for over 20 years! They also ship their Challenge Coins in the US, Canada, Europe, etc.

Design options:

The online design system of the website has free templates, elements and font libraries, and also supports the design team to design for you for free.

Order size:

They have no minimum order quantity restrictions, you can order just one piece.

Online order process:

Both simple tools help you order and design online through an automated quoting system on their website, as well as an online design system.

Price :

Prices as low as: $1.925/item, with zero minimum orders and volume discounts

Turnaround time :

Provide expedited service and pay the expedited fee. Their lead time is one to four weeks after the order is accepted and the artwork is approved. Free shipping in the US, Canada and Europe. Can ship anywhere FedEx ships.

Their website has tons of real reviews from verified buyers. Rating 4.9 out of 5 based on 10,000+ reviews so far.

Offering challenge coins of unique designs and manufactured to high quality standards at affordable prices. You can also use their Business Challenge Coins to motivate, reward, and impress your staff, customers, or suppliers for their efficiency and dependability.

Design options:

Send you colorful design pattern, support continuous adjustment.

Order size:

The minimum order quantity for their custom challenge coins is usually 100. However, they can make smaller quantities by adjusting the unit price if needed.

Online order process:

Place your order through their online order form.

Price :

They have a price list based on different materials and designs on their website.

Turnaround time:

Custom Traditional Colorless Coins Challenge Coins will be made for you within 10 business days, and usually sooner. Additional charges will apply for product shipping to any country or region outside of the United States.


There are currently 1948 reviews and they have a rating of 4.9 out of 5

High quality and low price make us one of the excellent suppliers of custom enamel coins. Committed to producing high-quality products, they value each order and they are regularly checked and updated to ensure that what is produced meets strict custom coin quality standards.

Long-term business cooperation with customers is their goal, so every customer is our motivation to do better. They use the best raw materials, advanced technology, and experienced workers to provide customers with exquisite enamel coins.

Design options:

Free Artwork and Free Shipping

Order size:

no minimum order quantity

Online order process:

Send an email with your needs and they will send you a free quote and proof.

Price :

For details, please check the quotation system on the webpage, the price depends on different processes

Turnaround time :

Receive your custom enamel coins within one to four weeks of artwork approval. Free FedEx for customers in the continental US, Canada, UK, and Australia.


There are many good reviews from customers on the website.

Custom Challenge Coins is ecstatic about your coin project and how meaningful it is to you. They recognize what your coins represent. Their team is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and best service on the market. Let their experts handle your coin needs, they guarantee you won’t be dissatisfied.

Design options:

quote and design within 24 hours to customer. Support free design and free modification.

Order size:

The minimum order is 25 pieces.

Online order process:

Fill out the quotation form to get a quote, email their sales department, or call them.

Price :

According to the design, a price list with charts is provided.

Turnaround time :

Standard production and delivery turnaround times are 3 – 3.5 weeks. Expedited production is available during certain times of the year for an additional fee.

Free shipping to APO/FPO addresses for the first 100 units of any product


Most reviews are 5 stars, with 650 reviews so far, giving it an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5.

Lapel Pins R Us Network was founded in 2000 and has grown into a network of high-quality businesses known for personalized lapel pins and promotional products.

What’s more, you’re sure to find a wide selection of promotional products to choose from, allowing you to leave your mark on every marketing or promotional campaign you launch.

Design options:

Within 48 hours, you will receive design by email. Support modification of the design.

Order size:

Minimum order is 50 coins.

Online order process:

Fill out the quote form, or call, email them and within 48 hours, a design will be sent to you by mail.


The cost of challenge coins is determined by many factors, you can check their pricing table on their website.

Turnaround time :

It may take about 2-5 weeks to manufacture the product. Expedited service not available. Free UPS Priority Air Shipping to US addresses.


On the site, there are many user reviews .

A Few Tips for Create A Challenge Coin

  1. Consider the role and purpose of the token, and explore the concept of your coin.

You first need to determine what is the theme of your challenge coins, such as corporate anniversary or military rewards, what conceptual patterns, logos, and texts need to be included, and pay attention to the overall style of the pattern and text of make your own coin time.

  1. Pay attention to the actual scale of the coin, and draw the design to scale.

If you are struggling with the size of the challenge coin, it is recommended that you first find a challenge coin of a similar size from your side and measure the size. Secondly, when you design it yourself or some websites design it for you for free, you should pay attention to the size and size of the pattern on the coin. Scale, you can ask the designer to send you the graphic design for viewing. If you think it is too troublesome, you can also choose some challenge currency websites that already have existing templates.

  1. The craft selection of personalized coins is very important.

For example, if you choose electroplating, imitation enamel, multiple colors, double-sided, coin edge decoration, 2D plane, or 3D plane, even the packaging of the product is also very important. You need to check the physical pictures of the products on those websites for reference, if the website has A 3D three-dimensional pattern will be more real and clear, and have more reference value.

  1. Localize your design.

If you need to design by yourself directly, there are some challenge coins company that support you to design online on their website, such as

  1. Check each design carefully Send your ideas as early as possible, and try to let the website provide you with a 3D challenge coin model pattern.

Because many websites that help you design support modification, if you want to receive your coins before a certain date, you need to communicate with the designer in advance and keep checking to find errors in patterns or text and correct them. Asking the website to provide you with a 3D challenge coin model pattern is also the best way for you to carefully check your challenge coin because this 3D model is very suitable for viewing the texture and details of the challenge coin, which is closest to the real product.

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