6 Things To Look For In A Machine Shop For Your Precision Machining Needs

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Every company needs precision manufacturing since technical inefficiencies can impact performance, productivity, operations, and the bottom line. But relying on any precision machine shop can lead to additional concerns.

While some companies are looking to grow their precision machining capabilities, others are just getting started. Both have one thing in common: the need for a high-quality precision machine shop. In reality, there are a variety of options available on this front.

The challenge is finding a reliable computer numerical control (CNC) machining service supplier. Choosing the right precision machine shop can make or break a company’s machining services. That’s why you can’t afford to make mistakes in the selection process.

This post will show you some essential criteria to consider when choosing the right precision machine shop to fit your needs.

  • Latest Technology 

Technology is snowballing. Methods and procedures are continuously improving due to technological breakthroughs.

Modern machines are more efficient, easier to use, and have unique characteristics. A good shop like Aerospace Machining Company will have a wide range of capable machines. They’ll invest and reinvest to ensure their technology accommodates clients’ needs.

Obviously, modern machining allows for intricate levels of cutting, milling, and drilling that no human can achieve. It also allows for rapid prototyping and workpiece modifications.

Speed is one of CNC automation’s primary benefits. As a result, industrial productivity and efficiency will improve. And, a shop with exceptional tools and competence is a sure sign of an ideal supplier. 

  •  Experience 

Another factor to consider is experience. A company with knowledgeable management, technical, and manufacturing teams is essential. The more hands-on the shop is with new projects, the better.

When problems occur from earlier projects, experienced manufacturing engineers can immediately identify and provide viable solutions. They can help you design your product to be ‘design-for-manufacture’ friendly, so you can get to the market faster than your competitors.

Those with extensive industrial expertise are capable and reliable. A seasoned manufacturing service has a reputation to uphold in terms of client service and product fulfillment. 

  • On-Time Delivery 

Time is crucial for any business. Any transfer issues can delay your own delivery to your clients. Check the delivery policy before hiring a machine shop.

Is there a delivery guarantee? Are you able to track the progress of your order? What measures does the shop take to ensure on-time delivery? Is the shop utilizing strategies to manage several clients and complex orders? A shop that tracks orders, raw material receipts, and project scheduling well can better finish order completion times.  

  • Financial Stability 

Machine shops are infamous for cutting corners to get work. They can pay their payments this month if they’re hired. This business style is harmful to both the machine shop and the customer. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) shouldn’t use a barely surviving supplier. In the long run, it’ll hurt the partnership.

Work with financially stable suppliers. This means they can make sensible business judgments for the organization and their customers. Financial stability frees up other aspects of the firm, ultimately benefiting the customer. 

  • Quality Control 

Quality control is critical to any manufacturer’s performance. Look at a factory’s certifications and audit reports to learn about their quality control methods.

Manufacturers should at least be ISO 9001 certified. It’s better if they have an ISO 14001 accreditation for environmental quality management. A quality machining shop may also have an OHSAS 18001 certificate, which certifies the factory’s dedication to strict occupational health and safety standards and best practices.

It’s also critical to check the shop’s internal audit reports from operations to management to ensure quality. To keep rejection rates low and manufacturing yields high, factories should have complete information on each piece of equipment used.

A quality-oriented precision machining shop that’s confident in its goods would be willing to discuss their rate of failure and their goals for decreasing it. 

  • Customer Reviews 

Customers usually have something to say, good or bad. Customer reviews provide insight into a company’s ethics and delivery of services.

Ask the shop to show you their previous work along with the contact information of some of their recent customers. Their work samples will speak volumes about the quality of their products and services, and their customers will confirm their satisfaction. If the shop passes this test, you can move on to the next step or find another shop.


A quality precision machining shop will offer a wide range of machine operations and services. Look for a partner who can supply the equipment needed, knowledge, and expertise, as well as a dedication to technological advancement.

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