A Guide to Buying Gold Jewelry

by Staff

With its sophisticated appeal, gold jewelry has consistently been a well-liked and classic fashion item. From men’s wedding bands to women’s engagement rings and other accessories, gold jewelry has stood the test of time and is also an avenue through which people store wealth.

However, buying gold jewelry can be daunting, especially if you are not knowledgeable about the complexities involved in gold shopping, whether you are buying it as a present to give someone or buying it for yourself.

This article is a guide to buying gold jewelry. As you read, you will see what you should know when buying gold jewelry, such as the purity standard, color, size, hallmark or markings, and the importance of buying from a trusted dealer. In addition, you will also see what to look out for when buying gold jewelry.

Let’s dive into the details right away!

1. Check the purity standards and know which is right for you

Gold’s purity determines its worth in karats. For instance, 24-karat gold is 99.99% pure, while 12-karat gold is 50% pure. The purity standard you will go for depends on your personal preference and how often you will wear the jewelry.

If you intend to wear the jewelry frequently, you should go for gold jewelry with 18-karat that is 75% pure gold to prevent damage. A 24-karat gold jewelry will likely scratch or damage if you wear it often.

Moreover, you may need gold jewelry with a lesser purity standard if you work on rough surfaces daily. You should do so because exceptionally pure gold jewelry is susceptible to damage if worn always.

2. Choose a color

Typically, the colors of gold jewelry are yellow, rose, and white. There’s also a more uncommon green variant. Gold is usually combined with various metals to get these color variants for the jewelry.

The non-yellow gold jewelry is usually only 18 karats or less. Even though yellow gold indicates the mineral’s original color, not all yellow gold jewelry is genuine.

Palladium or nickel is combined with gold to get white gold jewelry. Copper is added to gold to get rose-gold jewelry. Silver is added to gold to get green gold jewelry, which is usually more costly than other types of gold due to the high worth of gold and silver.

The color you will go for depends on what you want and how long and frequently you plan to wear the jewelry. If you need a gold men’s wedding band for your wedding, you can check this catalog of mens wedding bands. You may see something you will like.

3. Check your size

Knowing your size is crucial when purchasing gold jewelry. Knowing your size is particularly important for wristbands and rings. Before making a purchase, go to a jeweler and have your size assessed if you are not sure. You can also leverage internet sizing charts to get your size.

4. Consider the events you may wear the jewelry to attend

When purchasing gold jewelry, consider the occasions you may wear the jewelry for. Are you buying gold jewelry to wear casually, or you’re buying it for a particular event? For instance, eye-catching jewelry etched with diamonds and jewels is more appropriate for a formal occasion than an ordinary gold chain.

5. Set a budget

Before shopping for gold jewelry, decide how much you want to spend because gold jewelry is usually costly. The karat amount and weight are some variables that affect the cost of gold jewelry.

6. Locate a trustworthy seller

It’s vital to buy from a trusted dealer when purchasing gold jewelry. Find a seller with a good track record of selling high-quality gold jewelry if you want to buy gold jewelry.

These few points will also help you in getting a reliable gold jewelry seller:

  • Request for evidence of certification from a prospective gold jewelry seller if you want to confirm their authenticity.
  • You may want to buy from a seller that offers extra services like personalized resizing and designing.
  • Check other retailers and compare their prices before you settle for a particular seller.
  • Verify the current ounce price of gold before buying gold jewelry to ensure you are getting a good deal.
  • If you want to order online, read other customers’ ratings and comments before placing an order.

7. Verify if there are warranties

Some reputable gold jewelry sellers offer warranty coverage and a return policy. Check if the dealer you want to buy from offers a warranty to enable you to return the gold jewelry in case of damage occurring a few days after purchase. Gold jewelry with a warranty is usually costly but is a good deal considering its worth.

8. Check the weight

Before purchasing gold jewelry, verify the measurement of the actual gold. It’s crucial to do this since additional used stones or metal may increase the weight of the gold jewelry, thereby increasing the price.

9. Check the hallmark

A hallmark is a marking or inscription that denotes the purity of the metal on jewelry. Gold jewelry usually has a hallmark that identifies the karat value of the gold engraved on the jewelry.

The marking is located in a discrete area – such as the ring’s interior (if it’s a ring) or the side of an earring that faces the wearer’s ears (if it’s an earring). Before buying gold jewelry, look at the hallmark to ensure you get what you ordered.

10. Make your purchase

After checking all the above-listed points, you can now purchase your gold jewelry. Note that the quality, the metal alloy the gold blends with, and the process used to produce the jewelry all contribute to the amount the jewelry costs. Buy from a trusted seller to get value for your money.

Things You Should Check When Buying Gold Jewelry

When purchasing gold jewelry, you should exercise caution the same way you do when buying gold coins. Carefully check the gold jewelry you want to purchase to see if the hallmark is engraved on it, especially if you are buying from resellers.

There are two ways the inscriptions on the gold jewelry indicate purity. They are:

  1. On some gold jewelry, the hallmark will display in karat mark with the initial “K.” For example, seeing “24K” on gold jewelry means that the gold on the jewelry is an original 24 karat gold.
  2. Alternatively, certain gold jewelry carries a 3-digit number (European mark) that rounds the gold’s purity level to the tenth decimal place.

For example, seeing the number “417” on 10-karat gold jewelry shows that the jewelry is 41.7% pure, whereas seeing “585” on 14-karat gold jewelry shows that the jewelry is 58.5% pure.

Furthermore, gold-plated gold jewelry has the letter ‘GP’ marked on it, and the gold-filled one has ‘GF’ marked on it. Seeing ‘Pd’ on gold jewelry means the base metal in the jewelry is palladium, seeing ‘PT’ or ‘PLAT’ means the base metal in the jewelry is platinum, while seeing ‘SS’ or ‘STEEL’ means the base metal in the jewelry is stainless steel. If the gold jewelry is a ring, there may be an additional single or double-digit marking for the band’s size.

In Summary

Buying gold jewelry to store wealth or as a personal adornment is a wise decision and a lovely way to beautify yourself. Consider all the points mentioned in this article before buying gold jewelry to ensure that you will get value for the money you will spend on it.

Whether you are buying for casual use or a special occasion, this guide will help you to confidently choose gold jewelry that will last and serve you till you are ready to resell.

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