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Increasing numbers of people are eager to make financial investments in their dental health and want to have a radiant white smile. Now that we have better knowledge about how to take care of our teeth and maintain proper oral hygiene, and a balanced diet has made this possible. New technology has made better dental procedures possible, and the fillings and other materials that dentists use to repair our teeth are now safer than ever.

Even though your teeth are healthy and you diligently clean and floss them, they might not be as white as you would like, making you self-conscious when you smile. Our teeth work hard and eventually become worn out. They may start to yellow, become more sensitive, and experience wear and tear overall.

You might want to think about receiving veneers at the Dentakay dental clinic if you want to attain and keep a brilliant, white smile. Depending on where you have your treatment, the cost for veneers may be high; nevertheless, the outcomes are frequently excellent. Nowadays, you may find techniques to make your smile makeover reasonable and within your set spending, limit.

Modern veneers, which come in several varieties, are unquestionably the best option to enhance your smile. The type of veneers that will best fit your demands and the amount of your treatment will determine the final amount of money you spend on dental veneers. Due to their circumstances, every patient needing veneers requires a different course of therapy. learn more.

Dental Veneers Cost Analysis

Any dentist who is going to counsel you about your options will need your input in every decision since your unique scenario will determine which veneer treatment is best for you. There is no turning back after you get veneer treatment. Therefore, you must choose the best choice possible for your dental health.

The cost for veneers is exorbitant in the United States and the United Kingdom.

You will pay more if one or both of them is your native nation than you would in other regions like Europe, Central America, or North America.

For instance, depending on the clinic you visit, a single porcelain veneer in the U.K. would run you between £500 and $1,000, and composite fillings will run you between £150 and £400 or more. Porcelain veneers can cost anywhere from $900 to $2,500 per single veneer in the United States, whereas the composite cost for veneers ranges from $400 to $2,000 per single veneer. Once more, the price varies according to the clinic you visit.

The materials from which the various types of veneers are created vary slightly, which accounts for the wide variety in prices. The cost for veneers is calculated with the kind of veneer and the number of appointments you will require with your dentist in mind. The ultimate price will also consider customary extras like whitening your teeth to match your new veneers.


Here are the costs for several veneer varieties in the U.K., USA, and Turkey to put things in perspective. However, you must remember that Turkey also provides luxury services for out-of-country patients in contrast to the U.K. and the USA. From the welcome at the airport through the opulent lodging, the private transportation, and the expert interpreting to overcome the language barrier.

What Are the Differences Between the Types of Veneers?

  • Composite veneers are crafted from a pliable putty substance with a resin basis that your dentist may use to shape your veneers individually. These appear organic.
  • Ceramic porcelain veneers must be removed from the native tooth enamel in order to be placed.
  • Lithium desilicated, a glassy ceramic that is more transparent than conventional ceramic porcelain veneers, is used to make Emax laminate veneers.
  • Lumineers are thinner than conventional veneers and do not require any preparation for enamel removal.

Your dentist will recommend the ideal procedure after explaining which of these procedures you are a good candidate for and what the preparatory requirements are.

Due to the high cost for veneers in the U.S. and the U.K., many patients from these countries are referred to as “dental tourists.” Some European, Central American, and North American nations make a lot of money off dental tourism, and they may charge up to 70% less for the identical procedure you would have at home.

A few of the distinctions are illustrated in the list below. These costs are approximations based on a person’s selection of clinics, but they serve as an excellent benchmark for comparison and information:

Cost for veneers in Popular Countries Abroad

  • A single porcelain veneer will cost roughly £320 in Costa Rican dental offices.
  • A single porcelain veneer will cost around £240 in Hungarian dental offices.
  • A single porcelain veneer will cost about £270 in Mexican dental offices.
  • A single porcelain veneer will cost about £200 in Polish dental offices.
  • A single porcelain veneer will cost about £200 in Spanish dental offices.
  • An individual porcelain Cost for veneers will be around £150 in Turkish dental offices
  • A single porcelain veneer will cost £120 at Thai dental offices.

Because veneers are considered aesthetic dentistry and the NHS in the U.K. only covers required procedures, they are not considered to be covered by insurance. Therefore, British individuals very willingly come to Europe and combine their dental care with a vacation planned through a medical travel agency.

If you reside in the United Kingdom or the United States and opt to have your treatment there, you might want to consider using a dental payment plan to help pay for your new smile. For the given cost for veneers, one may not cover other procedures you might want, such as tooth whitening, which is sometimes an extra charge.

After your deposit is paid, some dentists offer internal payment plans to stretch out the total you owe over a specific time. There are also third-party financing options provided by businesses that have contracts with dental offices. Maybe there is one at your dentist’s.


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