Is CBD Legal in New Jersey?

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It’s hard to escape the CBD craze, but the 2018 farm bill that legalized its use and sale did it on a federal level only, which means the final power is still with the states as to what stance they adopt around CBD products. 


CBD is known for its healing and therapeutic properties, and it can help you with chronic pain, anxiety, appetite, and even sleep without causing any harmful side effects. Yes, It’s legal to use CBD in New Jersey, but there’s more to it. 


If you are a New Jersey citizen planning to get your hands on some delicious CBD gummies, oils, or topicals but are not sure about the regulations and laws in your state, then this article will serve as your guide. Come ride with us as we explore the world of CBD in this Garden State.

Legal Status Of CBD Products in New Jersey

CBD products like CBD oils, topicals, and edibles are completely legal in New Jersey. As per New Jersey Assembly Bill 5322, CBD extracted from hemp plants falls under the category of an agricultural commodity. So you can easily order CBD oil from a reputable brand like Colorado Botanicals without worrying about any legal complications. 


In fact, you can also buy CBD products, which are made by extracting cannabidiol from cannabis plants. This is completely legal in New Jersey because of the New Jersey Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Act, which was enforced way back in 2010 to legalize marijuana usage for medical purposes. 


Yep, you read it right. Cannabis-derived CBD products can only be bought for medical purposes through licensed dispensaries with a prescription, and if you are a minor, you can only get them if you have a guardian or caretaker who is registered with the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program. 


Wondering why there are such complications with cannabis-derived CBD products? Well, the answer lies in the concentration levels of hemp and cannabis plants. You see, hemp has much higher levels of CBD in it as compared to THC, so you can easily buy it from stores and online sites without any prescription or age limit. THC has intoxicating effects that can make you lose awareness and motor control, you might feel high or stoned because of it. 


Cannabis has THC in higher levels as compared to CBD; hence, the CBD extract derived from cannabis plants often has higher levels of THC than the proposed limit of 0.3% in the farm bill. That’s why CBD products derived from cannabis plants need a prescription and cannot be bought yourself if you are under the age of 21.

Where to Buy CBD in New Jersey?

While most hemp-derived CBD products like creams, oils, and edibles can be legally bought through online websites, offline stores, and licensed medical dispensaries, to buy beverages and drinks infused with marijuana-derived CBD, you’ll need a license from the state’s medical marijuana program, i.e., it’s only available to registered medical marijuana patients through licensed dispensaries. 


Only hemp-derived CBD products are available without any restriction. So let’s say you are in the market to get CBD oil for improving your sleep quality. Should you buy from an offline store or an online site? 


Well, it dials down to your personal preference; both have pros and cons. Online shops have a slight advantage, as it’s a more discreet way, and you get the products right at your doorsteps. Plus, many reputed brands like Colorado Botanicals sell CBD products exclusively through their online website. It’s simply much more convenient. 


On the other hand, offline stores are perfect if you need your CBD products immediately, and many people prefer to check out products in their hands, which makes offline stores a viable option for them. 


But you’ll notice that buying CBD online is more cost-effective, as brands regularly run sales and offers on their site, and the pricing is lower than the offline form of the same product because you are getting it straight from their warehouse which means no middlemen costs, so they are able to price it much better than offline stores. 


 Brands now even offer a one-day delivery option, so buying CBD products online is a much more practical way. The other advantage is the availability of a Certificate of Analysis available on product pages, which you can check to verify the claimed cannabinoid levels in the product. 

Can I Grow Hemp Plants at Home in New Jersey? 

No, New Jersey laws don’t allow you to grow hemp plants at home for personal consumption; you can only grow for commercial purposes after acquiring a license under the New Jersey Hemp Program. 


This program was approved in August 2019, following the guidelines of the 2018 farm bill. In December of 2019, New Jersey became one of the first states to get its hemp program approved by the USDA. 


This program allows licensed growers and researchers to cultivate hemp on a large scale. You can get this commercial hemp license after filling out the Grower License Application, which asks for the applicant’s name, business type, business address, driver’s license, food safety permit, FDA registration, storage location maps, etc. 


You can check it out in detail on the New Jersey Cannabis Information website. First-time applicants will also need to submit their fingerprints after completing the application; a nationwide criminal background check might be conducted on them as well. 


As for the possession limits, there are none for legally purchased hemp-derived CBD products with THC content under 0.3%, whereas medical marijuana products can carry up to 4 ounces of cannabis. Growing hemp or cannabis at home or carrying marijuana-derived products over the limit can result in jail time.


To sum it up, yes, you can legally buy and use hemp-derived CBD products in New Jersey. They are widely available at convenience stores, supplement centers, vape shops, health food stores, and through the online sites of reputable brands like Colorado Botanicals. New Jersey is a relatively progressive state in terms of ruling around hemp and cannabis, though you can’t grow their plants at home for personal consumption.


Just make sure to read the lab reports properly before ordering, and make sure to start with a low dose. When used properly and following the guidelines, CBD oil, gummies, and other such products can provide a range of holistic benefits in terms of pain, anxiety, sleep, immunity, and even appetite-related issues.

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