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Chicago is a beautiful and vibrant city that makes for an affordable and entertaining vacation: however it can be hard to plan when there are so many options available.  

These are the most exciting exhibits, attractions, and experiences you can find in Chicago!  Whether you’ve been to the city before, or this is your first visit, consider giving one of these a try!

The Art Institute of Chicago

If you want an art museum that knows not to take itself too seriously, the Art Institute of Chicago’s art museum has over 300,000 pieces in dozens of collections for its students and the general public alike.

Although it can take some getting used to walking onto a college campus to admire the art, every piece is breathtakingly selected and beautifully maintained so that many generations to come can enjoy the works.

Lincoln Park Zoo

The Lincoln Park Zoo is a fun twist on a classic zoo that offers an interactive farm where kids can pet farms and goats.  Like lions and polar bears, the animals you can’t interact with are well maintained and cared for and look generally happy to be in their little zoo Chicago apartments.  There are over 200 species here, which account for 1,100 different animals.

While you walk around, you can enjoy the shade of a Burr oak tree planted in 1830, three years before Chicago was even founded.

Field Museum 

The Field Museum of Natural History, mainly called the Field Museum, is one of the largest of its type in the world.  You can walk amongst the vast skeletons and fossils of dinosaurs and learn about how life ended up how it did, and what shaped us into who we are today.

Two million visitors stop here annually to enjoy the exhibits and learn about conservation from a museum that takes it incredibly seriously.

Museum Of Contemporary Art of Chicago

This building is as much a piece of art as the paintings and sculptures within it.  Established in 1967, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago has spent the last fifty years cultivating an incredible art collection.  Although most of the art is post-World War II visual art, there are rotating exhibits with contemporary, modern, and other art styles that you can enjoy.  

On Tuesdays, they offer a free day to anyone who wants to walk through, but it’s more packed this day than any other.  The gift shop is a must-stop for anyone who wants to take home something inspiring.

Navy Pier

If you want to spend some time on the water, consider checking out the Navy Pier!  This great 3,300-foot long pier has everything from amusement parks to restaurants and even a gorgeous, well-maintained garden.  You could spend a day here enjoying it, as it’s similar to Disneyland with how many attractions are available.

Chicago is a city unlike any other; if you’re coming to town sometime soon, make sure that you plan carefully!  Don’t let any fun exhibits slip through your fingers.

Main Photo by Chait Goli.

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