The Arisetan II M-360: A Stylish and Comfortable Electric Trike for Every Adventure

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The Addmotor Arisetan II M-360 fat tire electric trike is designed to redefine your riding into an unforgettable experience. This innovative e-trike promises an exhilarating ride across various terrains with style and power. 

In the article below, we will explore all the features of this sleek and eye-catching electric trike. You will get useful insights from its ergonomic design to power and performance. 

Join us as we delve deep into the unique features of Arisetan II M-360, where performance and style will make your every ride an adventure. 

Design Features of Arisetan II M-360 Fat Tire Electric Tire:

Measurements of Arisetan II:

This sleek and stylish trike is prepared in a precise measurement for optimal look and performance. The frame is 80.7 inches long, the width 31.9 inches, and the maximum handlebar height of 45.2 inches. The seat is 28.3 inches high and the total weight of trike is 94.8 lbs. This design is suitable for riders between the height of 5’6’’ and 6’6’’.


The Arisetan II M-360 is the world’s first semi-recumbent e-trike crafted with premium 7A19 air-craft grade alloy aluminum. It features the traditional signature style and is available in various vibrant colors including red, orange, pearl white, green, and blue. This sleek frame design not only increases the aesthetic appearance but also ensures unmatched durability and stability. You can confidently use your trike for loading and over various rough terrains with this robust construction.

Rear Trailer Tube:

This powerful fat tire electric trike is complemented with a sturdy rear trailer tube for reinforced and durable cargo trailer attachment. This upgrade has significantly increased the cargo-carrying ability of the trike and ensures safe and secure trailer attachment. You can utilize your trike for transporting heavy goods, running daily errands, and adventure rides with heavy loading capacity. 

Rear Speed Differential:

The Arisetan II e-trike is upgraded with a rear speed differential to increase the stability and maneuverability of the trike during sharp turns. The rear differential allows both rear wheels to rotate freely at the required speed for controlled and smooth turnings. You can enjoy more precise traction and control during each ride without any fear of rollover and skidding while taking sharp turns.  

Credit: Addmotor Arisetan

Suspension System:

This fat tire electric trike is installed with an advanced oil spring front fork suspension system with 25mm of travel. The innovative suspension systems offer a smooth and relaxed ride by effectively absorbing vibrations and bumps caused by rugged terrain. It enhances the stability and control of the trike over uneven surfaces, hills, and undulated ground. 

Power Features of Arisetan II M-360 E-Trike:

Brushless Motor:

The Arisetan II features a powerful rear hub Bafang brushless 48V X 750W motor to power your rides. This motor delivers an impressive torque of 90NM with a loading capacity of 380 lbs. This torque is enough for effortless operation and conquering diverse terrain ensuring reliability and stability. You can experience leisurely rides during both off-road adventures and urban streets equally. 

UL-Certified Battery:

This fat tire electric trike is installed with a UL-certified 20Ah Samsung battery pack to deliver safe and reliable power. The battery has a remarkable lifespan of 1000+ charging cycles with 8-10 hours of charging time through a 2A US Standard 5-pin charger. The battery delivers long-lasting power for extended distances over 85+ miles per charge. The UL certification ensures it is tested and found perfect to use in e-trike without compromising safety. 

Pedal Assistance and Throttle:

This powerful tricycle is equipped with 7-level pedal assistance to ensure a versatile riding experience and optimal support according to your needs. You can adjust the electric assistance according to your preferences and suitable PAS level. Furthermore, the trike provides instant and effortless acceleration with its half-twist throttle. You can enjoy precise control and flexibility with enhanced power performance while riding your Ariestan II e-trike. 

Torque Sensor:

Addmotor has installed the latest technology torque sensor in this innovative fat tire electric trike. This system has 36 sensing points to ensure responsive and accurate power delivery according to the requirements of the rider. These sensors measure the rider’s force during pedal strokes and effectively adjust the motor output accordingly. This technology allows you to enjoy a smooth and natural riding experience with power optimization. 

Safety Features Arisetan II Electric Trike:

Brakes and Rotor:

The trike is equipped with a Tektro mechanical disk brake system featuring EL555Rt and EL550Rs with 180 mm rotors. This brake system offers increased stability, safety, and control with a dedicated brake on each wheel. You can confidently ride your trike on steep descendants and heavy traffic roads relying on this responsive brake system. 


The Arisetan II is fitted with 20 X 4 inches puncture-less fat tires for exceptional performance and durability. These tires offer superior puncture resistance with their triple-layer construction. These tires are highly gripping on slippery surfaces including wet roads, sandy areas, and snowy trails. You can enjoy exhilarating and smooth rides on all terrains with these fat tires. 

Upgraded Parking Brake System:

Addmotor has upgraded this e-trike with a parking brake system to enhance the safety of parking. It ensures the prevention of unintended movement and skidding of your trike whenever parked outside. 

Wiring and Controller:

Arisetan II M-360 features an upgraded chip-type 25A controller for efficient power distribution and increases the responsiveness of different circuits. The chip-type controller effectively reduces the use of onboard space and offers a decent look. Moreover, this e-trike is fitted with water-proof wiring and harness to safeguard against water and weather effects on electrical connections. 

Headlight and Taillight:

This tricycle features an advanced display-controlled lighting system including a headlight and taillight. The front light provides power illumination to enhance visibility during low-light conditions and night rides. The rear light features 5 in 1 functionality including a danger light, flashlight, turning indicators, and a brake light. This lighting system is your lifeline for safe and secure riding during zero visibility and dark hours. 

Digital Display:

This fat tire electric trike boasts a 5-inch digital display with USB connectivity port and light controls. The display serves as a guide on the trike’s performance for the riders and shows useful information during the ride. It allows the rider to check and track the speed, battery level, motor output, lights status, PAS level, and error codes that occurred during the ride. 


While rapping up, the Arisetan II M-360 e-trike is an innovative marvel with sleek design, comfort, and powerful performance. It is equipped with all the latest features including a chip-type controller, parking brake, rear trailer tube, and torque sensors. Furthermore, this fat tire electric trike is equipped with a robust brushless motor and UL-certified battery to offer unparalleled power and electric assistance. The trike offers an impressive loading ability of 380 lbs and a long-distance range of 85+ miles per charge. Overall, this is the perfect choice to ride in style with robust and reliable power assistance.

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