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Become A Beer Brewer at The Thirsty Quaker in Jersey City

by Lauren Scrudato

One of my favorite feelings in the world is cracking open a frosty bottled beer to quench my thirst on a perfectly warm, sunny day. But imagine how much more enjoyable it would be if you could drink a beer you brewed yourself?

The Thirsty Quaker opened its doors nearly a month ago and has quickly made a name for itself as the only homebrew supply store in Hudson County.

“We’re selling all the ingredients and equipment for people to make their own beer, wine, cider and mead at home,” Kendall Alvarez-Eskew, owner of The Thirsty Quaker, told nj.com. Alvarez-Eskew is also the president of the Jersey City Brew Club and took first in the Hoboken Homebrew Competition in February– so it’s safe to say he knows his hops.beer selection

The shop on Monmouth Street doubles as a liquor store filled with over 500 different types of beer, along with wine and spirits. The store prides itself on stocking its shelves with rare and unique beers typically not seen in Jersey, including Israeli and New Zealand-based brews, as well as offering single bottles for those who are hesitant to experiment with a new brand by purchasing a whole six pack.

The Thirsty Quaker will have a growler station where customers can fill up their favorite brews that they may not be able to find in bottles. The Thirsty Quaker also plans to offer homebrewing classes and same-day delivery for anything in their store.

And one of the most appealing aspects about The Thirsty Quaker is that there’s a parking lot right next door. Instead of spending time doing laps around the building waiting for a spot to open up you can take your time picking your poison and chatting with the staff.
Visit thirstyquaker.com or like them on Facebook to get the scoop on their new inventory.

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