Father’s Day Gifts at Washington General Store

by Lauren Bull
father's day gifts

Shopping for Father's Day gifts is like shopping for a great outfit, except we're dressing dad up for the best grilling golf nap of his life. Greeting cards and the rest of the world would have us believe that Father's Day is 24 hours where lawn mowers all go silent, light snores are all traced to living room recliners, and every major game, from every major sport, plays on a TV so large and wondrous that even a California sequoia would be forced to say, "Damn, that's big." It's pretty much true.

The trick is that if you wanna stick to the classics — sports, outdoors, liquor — go for quality, and go to Washington General Store.

So few true surprises in life, and here I am about to spoil one more: You will buy something in Washington General Store, and maybe not even for your dad, though that would be nice.

father's day gifts

For example, I bought this mirror there. Hey, what’s up?

What I like most about the store can be boiled down to three things: 1. It is a home goods store completely devoid of silly knick-knacks. 2. When you look at a price tag expecting to see $500, you don't. 3. The items are general, but specific. You see a lot of people you know on the shelves.

And speaking of shelves, owner Meghan Lavelle built them herself. The shop is her labor of love, from designing the look to curating the goods. "I want to be the local shop for when somebody needs something for everyday life," she says. The store's steady undercurrent is items for housewarmings, baby showers, and weddings, coupled with waves of seasonal items. Lining the shelves now are Father's Day gifts galore: 

father's day gifts


father's day gifts


father's day gifts

So many manly things…

Stop in to check out the full selection. After dad puts down the 19 remotes, takes a nice stretch, and reads a card that's no doubt about farting, home repairs, or the couch (possibly all three?), he'll be happy to open up something thoughtful and beautifully wrapped — which the store does. 

And be sure also to tell him about the little something you picked up for yourself. The best dads understand. 

Washington General Store

509 Washington St., Hoboken


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melanie June 11, 2014 - 9:28 pm

I adore this store!

heather June 11, 2014 - 9:30 pm

Meghan is so sweet and I love the items in her store. I walk past this store every day on the way to work and adore the items in the window. She has an eye for cute nick-nacks!

Barbara Thornberg June 12, 2014 - 7:53 am

This place is so great. I stopped in on a whim on my way to a housewarming party and had a hard enough time choosing between items. I almost missed my train, but I wound up bringing a killer gift.

This place is a much welcomed arrival to Washington Street for sure.


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