NJ Realtor Naeem Boucher on Success and Being Self-Made

by Julia Valenti
Photo of Naeem Boucher

While the past year has proved slow for many, New Jersey realtor, Naeem Boucher has stayed firmly fixed at the top of his game. Refusing to take a break and always striving for more, Boucher seems to shatter his previous levels of achievement with ease. 

The 29-year-old realtor is on his way to becoming one of New Jersey’s top residential real estate agents, with deals totaling more than $10 million this year and still going strong. The productivity of his eponymous real estate team, formed in early 2021, raises this figure exponentially. A testament to his profound and early success, Boucher’s name is sure to be one you’ll be hearing from now on. 

From Athletics to Assets

For the Paterson, NJ, native, things didn’t always come easy. Growing up with a single mother and four siblings, he was no stranger to the hardship and struggle of daily life. Originally, the entrepreneur felt that a career in professional sports was the only way to transcend his impoverished position. Boucher played soccer at William Paterson University, later becoming a coach following dashed professional dreams. When poor financial planning landed him in a tough situation, he made an effort to educate himself on the matter. It was in reading up on the difference between assets and liabilities that Boucher was first introduced to the idea of real estate: 

“I learned about how real estate could be viewed as an asset and that wealthy people often buy real estate as an asset in order to become wealthy. That’s when I became infatuated with real estate and thought, ‘Oh, there’s another way to do this.’” 

From that point on, Boucher began saving day and night to purchase an investment property of his own. Then his second and later, a third.

After selling his first property, Boucher saw the potential for a career in real estate, and in doing so, helping other people like himself. “I preached assets over liabilitiesowning multi-family properties and then buying investment properties. The investment properties can pay for your vacation, your dream home,” he shares. 

Image of Naeem Boucher

Up and Coming NJ Real Estate Agent Naeem Boucher

Taking Risks and Rising to Challenges

Boucher began selling homes in 2016, though for the next three years he only worked in the field part time. It was in 2019 that he finally quit his coaching job, fully transitioning to a career in real estate. This was the year that Boucher’s sales boomed and multiplied, with the broker finishing the year seemingly unstoppable. Little did he know, an incoming pandemic would soon render the future of his real estate career uncertain. Feeling a fear comparable to his initial leap into the business, Boucher decided to take matters into his own hands: 

“I thought, ‘I’ve been here before, I’m going to take control. I’m not going to blame a pandemic, I’m not going to blame anyone. I’m going to figure it out.’” The realtor’s all-in, persistent attitude prevailed, and he followed with his most successful month to date. 

At the core of Boucher’s business values is an overcommitment to himself and others. His secret to success, however, drives this dedication even further. In all that he does, Boucher forces himself to be “uncomfortable.” 

This entails placing himself in a precarious position, whether through additional investment or donation, that requires him to continuously act. “I’m always going to wake up with energy to do something. Meet more people. Get new business. Help others.” We’ve all heard the idea that a little bit of fear is healthy. This, it seems, is something Naeem Boucher embodies wholeheartedly.

Photo of Naeem Boucher Properties Team

Boucher and His Real Estate Team

The Value of a Team

Following a highly productive 2020, Boucher came across another opportunity to share the wealth (pun intended) with those around him. Boucher became the leader of Naeem Boucher Properties, a team within the global brokerage exP Realty. The formation of the Montclair-based sector has prompted the entrepreneur’s friends, sister and even mother to join the real estate industry, as well. Boucher affirms that a team provides newcomers the confidence they will need to sell right off the bat, a benefit he lacked starting solo: “it’s amazing, because I am now able to help other people who possibly didn’t see themselves succeeding or found it hard. I am an example for them that it’s possible.” At first, it was a daunting task to trust others with his business. But, as the group immediately took off in sales, they learned to grow and improve together.

While his team helps others meet their real estate needs, Boucher feels especially rewarded in having the ability to aid them. Despite his widespread success, the young realtor’s proudest accomplishment is breaking his family’s own cycle of generational hardship. 

“We struggled. But when you’re able to help family in a mass way, it’s awesome.” Looking to the future, Boucher rather unsurprisingly has many aspirations for himself and Naeem Boucher Properties. One of which includes becoming one of the best real estate teams in New Jersey, selling over 100 homes and benefitting just as many families by the end of this year. This latest goal is one that Boucher and his team are already well on pace to meeting.

You can learn more about Boucher and his team at their website or Instagram page.

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