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by Bridget Mulroy

Dr. Parker, from the esteemed Parker Center For Plastic Surgery, is undeniably one of the most experienced and respected physicians in the field. With an impressive track record of over 35,000 successful surgeries, he has become renowned for his expertise in major cosmetic procedures. However, what truly sets Dr. Parker apart is not merely his exceptional skill, but his compassionate bedside manner. At Parker Center For Plastic Surgery, you can expect nothing less than impeccable care and results.

Dr. Parker’s background includes training at Bellevue and New York University Medical Center, and since completing his education, Dr. Parker has mentored resident students at both institutions. In addition to his exceptional bedside manner, Dr. Parker possesses a remarkable ability to address the intricate aspects of a procedure while attentively addressing

patient concerns. This level of dedication is rare in today’s world of aesthetic medicine.

Before we delve into the white glove concierge service provided by Dr. Parker at Parker Center For Plastic Surgery, let’s first explore the driving force behind his every action: family. Dr. Parker, along with his wife, wholeheartedly strive to treat their patients and team members as if they were part of their own family. This unwavering commitment ensures that everyone receives the utmost care and attention.

Whether you’re meeting with Dr. Parker for a consultation or if you’re a returning patient, you’ll be welcomed into the office with a warmth that makes you feel like part of the family. Moreover, the individuals who care for you are not just esteemed colleagues of Dr. Parker; they are there because of their exceptional ability to provide comfort and compassionate care to patients. Additionally, this ensures anyone selecting Parker Center For Plastic Surgery is a valued member of this exclusive family.

It may be surprising to those familiar with the industry and other aesthetic practices within it; having a family-like rapport with patients is often discouraged. The fear is that it may blur the lines of professionalism in a field where perfectionism is highly regarded. Regardless, Dr. Parker and his wife Angela have found that their patients flock to them because of their prioritization in building a genuine connection.

Credit: Terry Leahy

Unlike other practices that provide an impersonal experience, the Parker Center For Plastic Surgery treats each patient as an individual rather than just a number. Dr. Parker has managed to maintain professionalism while still creating a warm and welcoming environment. It is for reasons like this that Dr. Parker’s patients wholeheartedly support the practice.

During the consultation, Dr. Parker thoroughly covers every aspect. The process includes a before photo taken by their skilled photographer, Stacey. Utilizing a program called ‘Vectra’ computer imaging and collaborating with Stacey, Dr. Parker digitally modifies the before image to provide the patient with a highly accurate preview of how they should appear after undergoing any of the procedures discussed during the consultation. 

One of the remarkable aspects of Dr. Parker’s approach is his practicality. Despite being highly qualified, he remains grounded. When faced with unrealistic or potentially hazardous requests, he engages in deeper discussions to understand the underlying motivations for their aesthetic desires. He then suggests alternative measures to address the underlying concerns that drive their desire for change. 

Credit: Terry Leahy

It’s important to note that not every individual who visits the Parker Center For Surgery is a suitable candidate for surgery. Dr. Parker will decline patients whose goals for altering their appearance do not align with the practice’s commitment to achieving subtle, natural, and beautiful results. 

In recent times, thanks to remarkable technological advancements, numerous patients seeking surgical consultations have realized that they can achieve their desired results without undergoing invasive procedures. While Dr. Parker is widely recognized as a renowned plastic surgeon, he frequently refers patients to the Parker Center MedSpa, a facility integrated with their plastic surgery offices. It is astonishing how many transformative cosmetic procedures are performed there that offer life-changing experiences.

Angela Parisi-Parker, RN, MSN, FNP, who also holds a degree in psychology, plays a vital role in the success of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery. As Dr. Parker’s wife and right hand, she is an integral part of most procedures at the facility, contributing to the seamless operation of the Parker Center. With 32 years of collaboration and 16 years of marriage, their partnership has stood the test of time.

Dr. Parker is undeniably one of the most esteemed clinical surgeons in the state, and his remarkable success is owed in large part to the unwavering support and exceptional skill of Angela and the entire team. 

Apart from her credentials as a family nurse practitioner, Angela possesses expertise in the art of injectables and a multitude of other highly sought-after noninvasive procedures. 

The Parker Center For Plastic Surgery was recently acknowledged as one of the top 100 practices in the country, delivering impeccable results through the utilization of cutting-edge Morpheus8 radiofrequency microneedling. Angela’s contribution to this prestigious achievement is truly exceptional, and Dr. Parker proudly attributes much of his success to Angela’s undeniable talent. She excels at what she does, and that is undoubtedly commendable! 

parker center

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It’s also no wonder Parker Center For Plastic Surgery has been recognized for this award since Angela is one of the driving forces behind the facility’s reputation for treating their patients like family. Angela’s skilled eye for beauty, a genuine desire to achieve starkly subtle results, and her ability to tailor Morpheus treatments to a patient’s specific needs set the Parker Center For Plastic Surgery apart. Angela’s assets serve as complementary additions to Dr. Parker’s abilities and accolades. 

Dr. Parker, Angela, and the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery have made generous donations to various organizations in Paramus and throughout New Jersey, including Alzheimer’s NJ, Wounded Warriors, Jersey Cares, Children’s Aid and Family Services, and many more. Their dedication to Alzheimer’s NJ is evident through their yearly fundraiser, which aims to support so many families in New Jersey.

In the era of pervasive social media influence, the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery maintains a steadfast stance on the matter. They wholeheartedly recognize the immense power of social media in fostering connections and facilitating the dissemination of information. However, they remain acutely aware of the potential detrimental effects it can have on body image and self-esteem.

“We refrain from making lofty promises to make a sale; we avoid excessive injections that lead to an artificial appearance. If a procedure doesn’t enhance the natural beauty of our patients and help them, we won’t do it. We aim to contribute to the solution. Social media has transformed into a formidable force. Initially, it was a boon as we could showcase our patients’ success stories. However, it has now turned into a bane for many. People are bombarded with images and videos of fabricated perfection, and these platforms are saturated with individuals manipulating pictures, ultimately promoting an unhealthy standard of reality. Countless individuals seek consultations solely based on images of influencers, celebrities, and public figures, leading to a distorted perception of beauty. Naturally, we strive to bring happiness to everyone, but we are well aware of the limitations of our expertise and technology. If a procedure is not suitable for a patient, we are transparent in conveying this information, and we gladly refer them to other physicians who can assist them in achieving their aesthetic goals. Nonetheless, we genuinely enjoy building relationships with our patients. By forming a bond with us as their medical team, patients gain a better understanding of their own identity and aspirations when they visit our office.” – Angela Parisi-Parker, RN, MSN, FNP

“We strive to find the perfect balance when adopting new practices. Our approach to embracing technology is rooted in thorough evaluation, ensuring that we fully comprehend the benefits it can bring to our patients. We are cautious not to blindly follow trends without a clear understanding of their impact. Every tool in our arsenal has been chosen for its proven efficacy. One of the many rewarding moments was when a rhinoplasty patient, delighted with the results, shared her experience during a post-operative visit. She proudly exclaimed that no one could tell she had undergone a nose job. This is a very common occurrence. We prioritize achieving natural-looking aesthetic enhancements that boost our patients’ self-esteem.

Our commitment to our patients extends beyond the procedure itself. We meticulously monitor their progress before, during, and after any intervention, offering continuous support and guidance. While I take pride in my training and experience, my primary focus is always on being the best clinical physician I can be.

Working alongside Angela has been an incredible partnership. She possesses exceptional skills and shares a genuine love for our patients, who reciprocate that sentiment.” – Dr.Parker, MD, FACS, Parker Center For Plastic Surgery, Paramus, New Jersey.

The facility, situated in Paramus, New Jersey, offers an extensive range of impressive services in their on-site MedSpa, presenting a multitude of opportunities for prospective patients considering Dr. Parker as their surgeon. Dr. Parker’s experience and training have earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the top plastic surgeons in New Jersey. Furthermore, with seven children and ten grandchildren, Dr. Parker and Angela embody the importance of family in their approach. In today’s world, compassion holds significant value, and Dr. Parker and his wife Angela are among the few medical providers in the aesthetic industry who truly comprehend this.

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