12 Ways to Improve Quarantine College Life

by Jack Oliver

Quarantine college life is going to look very different in this coming semester. Many college students like myself are currently stuck in housing leases, and are finding themselves headed back to campus for what’s looking like an uneventful year. Online learning and the mainstay of dangerous outdoor conditions will likely make university life a shell of its former self. Despite the situation, I’m remaining optimistic, and hopefully some readers out there are as well. In the spirit of this, I decided to put together some fun ideas that can improve quarantine college life during the school year.

Weekly Poker Nights

Now, I’m not out here trying to encourage gambling. However, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a poker fanatic. What I find more fun about winning hands and making money from this game is the art of deception, and how players are forced to lie and turn against their peers. If you feel like being sneaky and conning your housemates out of some dough, this may be the idea for you.

Start a Podcast

Podcasts get a bad reputation nowadays, mostly because of how saturated the market has become. But hey, there has quite literally never been a better time to start one, right? We’re all cooped up inside, so maybe grab a couple buds and huddle over a microphone to talk about some hobbies. You never know who may stumble upon it.

Quarantine College Life

Cross Some Movies Off Your List

This is a pretty general idea, so I more specifically want to recommend the 100 Movies Bucket List poster. It makes me feel less like I’m a lazy slob and more like I’m on a quest to consume all the media I can. Each box scratched off is a rush of dopamine.

Watch a Weekly ‘Bob Ross’ Marathon

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, no. Every weekend, a Twitch channel hosts a live stream of Bob Ross episodes, free for any viewer. This is perhaps the greatest luxury we’re afforded for quarantine college life. Get on this.

Try Your Hand At Drawing & Painting

Maybe once you’ve had your fill with Mr. Ross, you can try some drawing of your own. I mean, you really should’ve been doing that WHILE you were watching, since there’s no better teacher than Bob.

Learn Some New Recipes

While this option may be disastrous for me (I can handle eggs and sandwiches, that’s about it), it may not be for you! If your house is like mine, there’s bound to be a cookbook or two lying around with some recipes you have never tried before. No cookbook? You can always just consult the many cooking articles on our very website then.

Quarantine College Life

Wary of Cooking? Try These Cooking Shows

Ah, this is the option for me. Why cook when I can watch someone else cook on basically any streaming platform, while also eating takeout food? Lazy days are upon us, so seize the opportunity folks.

Get Addicted to ‘Settlers of Catan’

I’ve been obsessed with this board game for such a long time. While it’s a bit confusing at first, this game quickly becomes addicting. With constant trading, road-building and land-conquering, the race to taking up the entire board is almost as fun as the friends you screw over along the way. There’s also a free online version of this game as well.

Find This Month’s Stargazing Events

Staring up at the night sky is the most inexpensive and beautiful option on the list here today. Finding a good vantage point may be the most difficult part of the whole expedition, but once you’re there, it’s worth it. I promise. Check out this site for an in-depth look at 2020’s stargazing events.

Quarantine College Life

Sink Your Teeth Into These Documentaries

There’s never been a wider variety of documentaries to choose from. From important human commentaries like “13th”, to groundbreaking inside looks into the sports world with “The Last Dance”, and even a close analysis of the Rubik’s Cube Competitive League (what?) in “The Speed Cubers.”

Catch Up On the Great Albums of 2020

I could go on and on about how frustrated I am not being able to go to concerts this year. Part of this is because it’s been forever since I went to one, and the other part is that there have been so many good albums this year. So, so many. Click here for a playlist on some of my favorite picks.

Adopt a Manageable Pet

Don’t go crazy with this one if you feel like your house isn’t quite ready for a dog or a cat. I recommend a pet that just sort of… exists. You know, like a guinea pig, or a hamster, or a big ol’ fish tank! There’s plenty to choose from and these guys could always use a home that’s better than a pet store, right?

Whichever of these options you choose, whether it’s all of them or none of them or something in between, just remember to practice them responsibly. We are entering a semester of uncertainty, and though we should do everything we can to liven it up and make it as best as it can be, we have to do so with our best interests in mind. Stay safe out there everyone. Check out more of my articles here.

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