7 Aromatic New Jersey Wines to Try This Weekend

by Jessica Bond
new jersey wines

Wine can come in handy for any occasion ranging from day-drinking to a cozy dinner at home.  Although New Jersey may not be known for its extensive variety, oenophiles can rejoice in all of the Garden State vineyards and wineries. In northern Jersey, Pinot Noir and Riesling are popular due to the varied slopes and soils. While in southern Jersey is known for its variety of red and white Bordeaux. From a sweet strawberry rosé to a delicious chardonnay perfect for desserts, here are seven New Jersey wines to show some hometown support.

1. Jersey Strawberry Rosé from William Heritage Winery

For those looking for the perfect blend of fruity and citrusy wine, try out William Heritage Winery’s Jersey Strawberry Rosé. An ideal wine to soak up the last few weeks of warm, sunny weather, the Jersey Strawberry Rosé blends Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, and Merlot. There is a dash of natural strawberry flavoring added right before bottling, leaving a touch of summertime in every sip.

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Photo via William Heritage Winery

2. Good Karma from Auburn Road Vineyards

“Everything Matters” is the motto for Auburn Road Vineyards, thanks to the wine that started it all, Good Karma. Great for wine lovers who enjoy Pinot Noir, Good Karma is a light, dry red wine and has subtle hints of raspberry and cherry flavors.

Auburn Road Vineyard recommends this wine as a good pairing for a Thanksgiving dinner, accenting the stuffing and cranberry sauce. However, Good Karma is ideal for any meal, big or small, that has a touch of sweetness.

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Photo courtesy of @auburnroadvineyards

3. 2019 Estate Chardonnay from White Horse Winery

Wine lovers who are seeking a fruity white wine—look no further. White Horse Winery’s 2019 Estate Chardonnay has hints of apple, pear, and sweet Mandarin orange. This wine is a perfect pairing for a quiet picnic in the backyard or sitting poolside while finishing up some summer reads. Located in Hammonton, New Jersey, White Horse Winery is available throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware retail shops.

wines from new jersey

Photo via White Horse Winery

4. Cherry Table Wine from Cedarvale Winery

The Cedarvale Winery’s Cherry Table Wine is a twist on the classic dessert wine. The Cherry Table Wine is a semi-sweet red, with tasty notes of tart cherries and cherry pie flavors. Although this wine pairs well with a sweet dessert, try pairing it with a sour dish for a sweet and sour effect. Cedarvale Winery also suggests swapping the Cherry Table Wine for water in a brownie mix or even added to hot chocolate.

5.  ​2017 DiLuca ROSSO, Super Tuscan Blend from Turdo Vineyards & Winery

A glass of wine can be the epitome of the “finer things in life,” and the 2017 DiLuca ROSSO, Super Tuscan Blend is ideal for those who are looking for an elegant, unique offering. The Super Tuscan Blend has hints of a cigar box spice that leads to a delicious taste of cherries and blackberry jam. Fruity notes such as black plum, boysenberry, and black currant create a beautiful sip that finishes with a taste of vanilla, mocha, and pepper. This is perfect for a Zoom dinner party.

Photo courtesy of @turdo_vineyards

6. 2019 Chelsea Dry Rose from Alba Vineyard

Summer does not have to end when there is Alba Vineyard’s 2019 Chelsea Dry Rosé. Hand-harvested in October 2019 and aged for six months, the bold fruit flavors of fresh strawberries and watermelon are perfect for those crisp, autumn days when you are longing for summertime. Alba Vineyard offers outdoor seating and in-person wine tasting throughout fall just in time to plan a weekend trip to taste their delicious variety of New Jersey wines.

7. Sparkling Blueberry Wine from Tomasello Winery

For those looking for a sparkling wine with a little something extra, Tomasello’s Sparkling Blueberry Wine is an ideal choice that pairs well with a delicious dessert. Made using 100 percent blueberry wine, it is ideal for those who want the taste of fresh blueberries, even when they are not in season.

new jersey wines

Photo courtesy of Tomasello Winery

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a sweet rosé or dry red wine. These New Jersey wines are here to satisfy your palate while showing your hometown some love in the process.

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