Everything You Need To Know About the Jersey Devil Coaster

by Jared Berberabe
jersey devil coaster

Like the cryptid from which it takes its name, Six Flags Great Adventure’s Jersey Devil Coaster ride had, for the longest time, been little more than rumor. Six Flags first announced it to the public on August 29, 2019. But when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the nation, all amusement park facilities were suspended, postponing the ride’s construction indefinitely. 

Luckily, in December 2020, Six Flags announced that the ride’s construction would continue. On January 25, the final piece was assembled, completing the ride’s construction. The Jersey Devil Coaster officially opened its lines to the public on June 13, taking it a step away from the myth of its namesake. 

With amusement parks lifting their restrictions and opening their rides once more, there’s never been a better time to see what this Devil has in store. Here’s the rundown of its features.

The Jersey Devil Is the Longest, Tallest, and Fastest Single-Rail

Six Flags says that the Jersey Devil Coaster is the longest, fastest, and tallest coaster of its kind. Specifically, it’s a single-rail roller coaster, meaning it rides on one rail throughout its entire length as opposed to two. 

Each Train Carries 12 Riders

There are four crimson trains that hold 12 riders each. The frontmost car’s face includes the fiery depiction of a devil. The trains are in-line designed, meaning riders won’t have to sit shoulder-to-shoulder. 

It Boasts 3,000 Feet of Track and Travels at 58 mph

The Coaster contains approximately 3,000 feet of orange track and travels at speeds close to 58 mph. These attributes surpass three other single-rail roller coasters across America: the RailBlazer from California’s Great America, the Stunt Pilot from Silverwood Theme Park, and Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster from Six Flags Fiesta Texas. According to Roller Coaster Database, they each have a length of 1,800 feet and a max speed of only 52 mph.

The Jersey Devil Is 13 Stories High

In addition to its length and speed, the Jersey Devil Coaster towers 13 stories high. A chain lift hill carries riders to its peak, before dropping them down a 130-foot hill. From there, a triple set of inversions, including a dive loop, zero-g stall, and zero-g roll, accelerate riders through the rest of the ride. Such elements also make the Coaster the first-ever single-rail roller coaster ride to have three inversions. 

Tickets, passes and admission are available at Six Flags Great Adventure’s website.

Excited to give the Jersey Devil Coaster a whirl? Let us know in the comments below!

Main image via Six Flags Great Adventure Facebook

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