Where to Get Mead in New Jersey

mead in new jersey

Looking to try some new and unique beverages while in New Jersey? Not a fan of the bar vibe, but not into the idea of a wine tasting either? Then you might enjoy a visit to a local meadery. I tried mead for the first time here in the Garden State and was shocked at what I was missing out on because the flavors were right up my alley! Meads have a distinct flavor palate of their own and are really unlike any other alcoholic beverage because of how they are made. (Their main ingredient is honey.) Wondering where to get some in the Garden State? Here, we’ll tell you where you can go mead tasting in New Jersey.

What is Mead?

Also known as “honey wine,” mead is honey water that’s been fermented with yeast. That’s it in its most basic form. But more often than not, different fruits and spices are included in the fermentation process to impart an array of flavors. This beverage can vary from dry to sweet and anything in between, while also ranging in alcoholic content.

Where to Get Mead in New Jersey

New Jersey is home to many distilleries, wineries and bars. Yet, it is only home to two meaderies. However, it isn’t always about quantity, but quality and that’s what these NJ meaderies specialize in.

Melovino Meadery – Vauxhall, NJ

You might drive by Melovino Meadery without even realizing the gem that it is. Located in the back of a larger building with nothing but a small sign to indicate their location, you might think your GPS has taken you to the wrong place at first. But the moment you step inside, you’re teleported to a laid-back, cool environment with great employees and just good vibes all around.

Here, they make and bottle their meads in-house and have such a large variety that you’re bound to find one that you love. If it’s your first time in a meadery or even just trying the drink, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for their recommendations.

Pro top: Definitely order a flight. This is the best way to try a variety of meads without the commitment of a large glass. Even better, go with a friend or partner and you’ll get to swap flights. Before you know it, you might have tasted every mead on the menu. They also have cans and bottles available for purchase.

Beach Bee Meadery – Long Branch, NJ

Find yourself spending the day at the Jersey Shore? Not a problem! Beach Bee Meadery specializes in not only mead but hard cider too. With this variety, even if mead isn’t your beverage of choice, you have a range of alternatives you can pick from too.

With both indoor and outdoor seating and an airy beachy vibe, this meadery is a great place to kick back with a drink. Although they’re only two blocks from the beach and pier, don’t be fooled. Beach Bee Meadery is open and ready for business all year long. They too have their bottles and cans available for purchase, so you can take your favorite drinks home and enjoy them later.

Ready to try something new? Let us know if you go mead tasting in New Jersey.

Main photo by Meritt Thomas

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Chris May 16, 2023 - 10:17 pm

This article leaves out Armageddon Brewing in Southern NJ. They’ve been open since January of 2020 and are a meadery/cidery.

Nyx May 19, 2023 - 10:01 am

This article was also written by Samantha Carvalho

Chris September 3, 2023 - 9:50 am

Maybe she should update the article with correct information.

Nyx September 3, 2023 - 9:54 am

She would I’m sure but no longer works in tandem with the Digest


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