7 New Jersey Musicians You Should Be Listening To

by Madison Schramm

With summer around the corner, finding new music to add to that pool-day playlist has become a necessity. Discovering new artists that fit your taste can sometimes be hard, especially when it comes to finding small artists. Spotify has been releasing a “New Music Friday” playlist at the end of every week and although it’s a good way to listen to some new tunes, there are plenty of other artists out there who are not featured. In lieu of supporting small, local businesses, it’s important to support your local artists. Here is a list of seven New Jersey musicians on Spotify that are sure to add some good vibes to your summer!

1. Sailor Boyfriend

This Jersey City duo of Alex Mercuri and Andy Waldron was created in 2017 and have been making beats ever since. Sailor Boyfriend‘s latest album titled “Shapes & Colors” was released in April of 2019 and has an otherworldly sound that makes for a chill day lounging in the sun. Their use of a synthesizer creates a unique sound that sets them apart from other artists and allows for a dreamy escape into their music. 

2. Long Neck

If you’re into an indie rock/pop-punk kind of sound, this is the band for you! Long Neck has been releasing music since 2018 with its first album “Will This Do?” Originating from Jersey City, the band consists of frontwoman, Lily Mastrodimos, along with Kevin Kim, Alex Mercuri, John Ambrosio and Evan Pacheco. They recently released a 10 track album titled World’s Strongest Dog’ on April 10th and are scheduled to be playing The Fest 19 music festival in Gainesville, Florida this fall.

3. The Skullers

This bluesy/rockabilly band has made their mark on the New Jersey music scene for the past 10 years with their frontman Jack Skuller. Skuller was awarded the Holly Prize in 2014, an award in honor of Buddy Holly and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. He, along with drummer Brian Fahey and bassist Luigi Sardi, released their first EP as The Skullers titled “Meet The Skullers” in 2017. Their latest EP “Freight Trains & Party Games” was released in 2019 and is a perfect backing track for a late-night drive.

4. The Schramms

The Schramms are an indie classic-rock band that consists of Dave Schramm, Al Greller and Ron Metz and are guaranteed to add some vintage to your summer playlist. They were formed in 1986 by Dave Schramm (former The Human Switchboard and Yo La Tengo member) and continue to release music that’s nostalgic and old school in the best way possible. The band originated in Long Island, New York but paved their way in the music industry in Hoboken, New Jersey. Their latest album “Omnidirectional” was released in 2019 and took the band 10 years to compile, so you know there’s heart and soul! 

5. Tiphanie Doucet

This French indie/folk singer came to America with big dreams and the album “Under My Sun” which was released in 2018. The Jersey City singer is popularly known for her simplistic sound of soft vocals accompanied by guitar and violin. Tiphanie Doucet has released two cover singles, along with Sean David Cummingham, in the past year, as well as her own song “Je serai l’air” in February. Her fresh, day-dreamy sound pairs well with a lazy Sunday afternoon.

6. Remember Jones

From the beaches of Ocean Grove, New Jersey, Remember Jones–also known as Anthony D’Amato–has a unique sound of soul and pop backed by an ensemble of singers and musicians that give a throwback vibe. The energy in his music makes it impossible to sit still, perfect for a soulful social distancing jam session! His latest single “Save the Planet” was released in April of this year and is sure to spice up your backyard barbecue.

7. Matt Hartke

If you’re looking for a chill artist to vibe to, look no further. This Jersey City singer-songwriter has worked with big names in music such as Adam Lambert, Avicii, The Chainsmokers and more. Matt Hartke has a soft pop-rock vibe to his music with a focus on melody and songcraft. His latest single “London’s Song” was released in March of this year. The track has as a laid back, relaxing energy that matches the rest of his work. 

Bonus New Jersey Musicians Playlist

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