FTX Plans to Give Away Bitcoin As Part Of Super Bowl Ad Campaign

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The cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX gave away Bitcoin during Super Bowl LVI as part of a new effort to reach a broader market. Several other cryptocurrency platforms also joined in, but the FTX contest was notably jovial and socially engaging.

FTX planned and followed through with an idea to give away Bitcoin by participating in a social media retweeting campaign. Four lucky viewers won 7.45 BTC each, which is approximately $320,397. FTX aired an ad featuring Larry David, which ended up going up at 7:45 Eastern Time.


Focusing on Health and a Sense of Humor

Several large cryptocurrency entities have spent considerable efforts over the last few years to network with athletes, leagues, and businesses to reach the sports market. One major investment was the sale of the former Staples Arena, which became the Crypto.com Arena as of December 25, 2021. The naming rights were purchased for $700 million.

Some notable athletes, including Tom Brady and LeBron James, have teamed up with different businesses in cryptocurrency to help attract interest. Other athletes have shown skepticism publicly. But crypto businesses see a future in the sports market, and they are continuing to network. Education efforts and collaboration with big names like Manchester United are expected to help them gain momentum in the broader cryptocurrency market as well as in sports investments.


Remember the Wheel

Larry David takes out his best acting chops in the ad by FTX, showing up as a skeptical man in various points throughout history. He decries many things that we know today as some of humankind’s most useful inventions. From the wheel to the Apollo project, his character zooms throughout various millennia warning people about practical investments.

Larry David is known for his work in print advertising, but he branched out for this notable 60-second promotion to work with director Jeff Schaffer. The ad was developed by dentsuMB, where Jason Stefanik is the Executive Creative Director.


Gaining Market Momentum

Given the challenge ahead for people and businesses who deal cryptocurrency to reach an audience outside the early adopter’s market, FTX took an understanding approach. The exchange chose to touch on the questions about the long-term viability of cryptocurrency and perceptions of health.

Professional athletes have to put a huge priority on wellness. They are known for large paychecks and smart investments, and they don’t work with just anybody in business. So cryptocurrency dealers and businesses are rising to the challenges around market fluctuations and perceptions about stability, market disruption, and planning.

The ad takes a gentle but entertaining jab at people’s judgement surrounding notable inventions of the past. After Larry transports from 3000 B.C. to the modern day as a skeptic, the warning at the end of the ad reminds viewers that skeptics can miss out on financial investments if they don’t investigate the profit possibilities all the way.

The message appears on the screen in written letters to conclude the ad.

“DON’T be like Larry. Don’t miss out on the next big thing.”

There is also an extended director’s cut on the official FTX YouTube channel.

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