Hockey Icons of All Time

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The world of hockey has had amazing teams across the years. And a team is only as good as the players it’s made up of. Throughout the years, there have been amazing hockey players and they deserve the right to be called legends. Nowadays, there are new ones that are also looking to achieve legendary status.

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As mentioned before, there are certain hockey players that enjoy a solid status in the world of hockey. Their track record is stellar which is why they’re icons regardless of the age they played in. So, here are some of the best hockey players of all time:

Bobby Orr

For our first hockey icon, we’re going back to the 70s. Bobby Orr is a legend in his own right as he’s made a name for himself in the world of hockey as an offensive defenseman. The 69-70 period was when first grabbed the first spot in a league with 120 points. The next season he topped himself off by scoring 139 points. He was a terrific defenseman as he managed to win 8 Norris Trophies which is an amazing feat. Bobby ended his career with 645 assists and 270 goals which are pretty amazing. Sadly, injuries got the best of his career.

Gordie Howe

When you think of Gordie Howe then you’re thinking of hockey in the 40s and it’s probably someone your grandparents will remember. His career in the NHL started way back in 1946 and he played his last game in 1980. His legendary status is cemented with the “ Gordie Hat Trick “ which is done with a goal as well as an assist and a fight during the same game. He’s been in the NHL 1,767 times and has had 22 consecutive seasons in the league scoring 20 goals. On top of that, he has 6 MVP awards as well as 4 Stanley Cup championships under his belt. With those features, it’s clear why Gordie Howe is a hockey legend.

Wayne Gretzky

The thing about Wayne Gretzky is that he was a pretty good scorer if not the best one. His career spanned 21 years and during that time he managed to assist players 1,963 times. The scary and wonderful thing about that number is that no other player in the history of hockey can match it by combining their scores and assists. Wayne has an additional amount of 894 goals to add to the number of assists. With lots of trophies under his belt, Wayne Gretzky is a legend in his own right when it comes to hockey.

Patrick Kane

This is a somewhat younger contender and a current one that’s present on this list. He’s doing pretty well in his career as he’s still active. Kane is one of the top US players in the history of hockey. His career started in 2007 and he’s managed to make a name for himself by winning 3 Stanley Cups with the Blackhawks. He’s got another interesting milestone to his name as he was the youngest hockey player to reach 1,000 regular-season points during his career in 2020. As mentioned before, his career is still going on which is why he’s yet to prove just how good he’ll be.


All the players listed here are legends in their own way. That’s because they’ve done or they’re doing their best to prove why all of them should be looking to snag the top spot. They might be in it for the fame or just love playing hockey, but all of them deserve to be at the top.

Naturally, not all of you would agree with this list and you can change it as much as you want to. There are others that might make it on your list and others that won’t. Either way, you’ve got a list to start with.

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