How to Use CBD Oil as an Organic Natural Supplement

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how to use cbd oil as a supplement

Have you ever tried using wellness supplements? Nowadays, people incorporate various organic supplements in their routine hoping to improve their overall health and immune system. Despite the extensive choice of vitamin and mineral supplements, CBD oil is now considered one of the trendiest organic ingredients.

This compound provides users with an opportunity to use it sublingually, add it to their beverages, as well as include it in their favorite recipes. Numerous online stores, such as, offer a vast assortment of CBD wellness products.

Learn more about the most popular ways to use CBD oil as an organic natural supplement:


One of the most preferred methods of taking CBD oil as a natural ingredient is the sublingual one. It’s supposed to be held under the tongue for approximately one minute prior to ingestion. Individuals are fond of the sublingual method due to its remarkable effectiveness, as it provides the highest bioavailability. Cannabidiol is absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth and finds its way into the bloodstream without affective the digestive system.

When taking CBD sublingually, users are recommended to refrain from eating about twenty minutes before and after ingesting the oil. Otherwise, the ingestion of food is likely to affect its bioavailability rate. Nevertheless, using cannabidiol on an empty stomach is also considered unacceptable.

It’s paramount for individuals to determine the right dosage in order to use the correct number of drops. Ten to twenty milligrams per day is the recommended amount for anyone taking this organic supplement for the first time. Make sure you administer the drops with a dropper, as it’s the most precise tool for placing them under the tongue. Remember not to put the drops on top of the tongue but below it for better absorption.

Moreover, the liquid isn’t supposed to be swallowed immediately but after at least thirty seconds of holding it inside the mouth. Although saliva will soon start to accumulate, it’s important not to swallow the liquid quickly. The effects of cannabidiol are experienced half an hour following the administration, making the sublingual method one of the quickest when it comes to providing results.

Add it to beverages

Since not all people prefer using CBD sublingually, one can easily infuse it with various kinds of beverages. This organic supplement can be added to tea, smoothies, cocktails, and other drinks instead of ingested directly. In case the earthy aroma of CBD oil is too strong for you to spice up your beverages, you can choose from a variety of flavored oils.

In addition, CBD oil is available in a wide range of flavors, such as citrus fruits, vanilla, chocolate, berries, etc. Infusing your smoothies with lemon-flavored CBD oil will undoubtedly make these drinks more refreshing. Additionally, the majority of individuals love adding cannabidiol to their morning coffee, particularly the vanilla variant.

Given most people never skip their morning coffee, infusing it with cannabidiol is a practical way of incorporating this organic supplement into one’s routine. Those individuals experiencing caffeine jitters after consuming a few cups of coffee would benefit from adding this organic ingredient. Cannabidiol is known for the reducing effect it has on jitters, as it minimizes anxiety and promotes calmness. Click here to learn why caffeine causes jitters.

Use it when cooking

Another innovative method of using this organic supplement is like an ingredient when cooking your favorite meals. Cooking with CBD oil has gained in popularity due to the endless opportunities for experimentation. It can be added not only in fresh salads but desserts, snacks, and sauces.

Nevertheless, in order for the oil not to lose its potency, individuals are advised to cook with this ingredient at low temperatures, not higher than 320 ˚F. Cooking heat is believed to reduce the effectiveness of CBD, which is why users are supposed to be careful with cooking temperatures.

Another practical tip for people using CBD in the kitchen is adding it to recipes that contain fats, such as avocado, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. The combination of cannabidiol with such ingredients helps the body absorb it better. Keep in mind that ingesting it via food requires more time to show results, as CBD has to pass through the digestive system before it enters the bloodstream.

Furthermore, individuals can use CBD as a supplement when making brownies, chocolate mousse, salad dressings, guacamole, chia pudding, and a myriad of other recipes. Nowadays, cannabidiol is largely used when baking cookies and cakes as long as you don’t bake at high temperatures.

What’s the right dosage?

Using CBD oil as an organic supplement means calculating the right daily dosage in order to experience the desired results. However, the dosage isn’t universal for all users due to the various factors one has to consider when calculating the optimal amount. For instance, not all people are equally tolerant to the effects of cannabidiol; some being extremely sensitive to the tiniest doses.

Additionally, the age, sex, and overall health of users should be factored into the calculations. Men require higher doses when compared to women. Elderly should consume significantly lower doses in comparison with younger people. Ultimately, the weight of users is what dictates the dosages, as the amount increases with the number of kilograms.

Final word

Use CBD to infuse your beverages and make delicious recipes while enjoying its numerous health benefits!

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